Its Natural !

In India “period” is just the way to say some abusive word. In the country of more than 1.3 billion people it is disguised as some irrelevant word in public. Half of the homo sapiens spent their half-life bleeding. Its natural thing. It’s our goddamn part of us and our identity of who we are!

The world could have churned many more Shakespeare had wordsmiths not spent time coming up with chumming, the red flower blooming, that time of the month, leak week, burst pipes, the full stop haunting, flooding down south, and more such “genius synonyms”.

Even if somebody dares to speak the word “period” in public it’s like they have said Hitler. The Satan will be called Friday 13th!! It’s like you have spelled the curse and Egyptian mummy will awake.

In historical era women were banned to do regular things. In many part of our country even, still the blind following is going on. Still women are not allowed to do certain tasks. Not to go in temple, not to enter kitchen, not to face the statues and photos of god, not to touch the person who regularly performs rituals forget about that person, do not touch any person. Even the possessions of her are not touched. A 13 year old hits the puberty and she is not allowed to touch her OWN family. As a result of this it affects their social, psychological and educational performance.

We live in 21st century and still stigmatic thoughts are living with us. Why?

I went to theshop, the chemist was sipping tea with two more “gentlemen” when I said what young girls from good families should only let their menfolk say on their behalf, “Bhaiyaek Stayfree dena.” “Bhaiya rehne do”, I said when he started wrapping it up in a newspaper. “Bhaiyabina polythene ke khali hath me lena hai mujhe.”A pin drop horror injected silence was followed by the final nail in the coffin by me that lead to his temporary demise from planet earth. As if I have asked for his kidney!!

As I walked back home holding the ticking time bomb in my hand, I felt the wrath of the Sanskari folks on me who were mumbling silent prayers because they had just seen the devil.

There are movies like PADMAN, poet like Rupi Kaur and bloggers like Twinkle Khanna who compel us to think beyond the dictionary definitions. The campaigns like “first day period leave” made us unite to stand for ourselves. And give the wide area to open to our own body. To listen and analyze our own health! It’s not taboo, it’s our identity. Widen your thoughts and broaden your perspective. Break the myths and liberate yourself!!

 It’s NATURAL. STOP whispering for whisper ladies!!

Let’s talk. Period.

To shushing it no more and say it out loud “PERIOD”.

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