Left-over Yum

Even though being woman is not a job but a gender, with age comes along experiences which we fail to understand at first! Living alone for many years of my life, it was hard to cook or get food from outside on a regular basis; and that is when the most experienced player in womanhood of your life, whom we dearly call ‘mamma’ steps in! Mothers carry out an exceptional job in recreating things, and my mamma also shared her vocational experience with me! Here are some quick best out of left over ideas for easy snacking with our evening ‘chai’ which have been my favourites! Before I share the recipes, I send out a big thank you to my idol, a one of a kind cook, my world, my mamma! @Swati Adhiya! She has also compiled a book of her best innovations and preparations!

1. Crispy Treats:- So this one is unbelievably simple and helpful, and is made of leftover rice! Here goes… Mix some Besan (Gram Flour), salt, coriander powder (Dhaniya powder), Turmeric Powder (Haldi), Chilli Powder(Mirchi powder), a little oil, the left over rice and mix them well to form a semi-thick batter.

Heat some oil in a deep pan and fry the batter in chunks like pakoras until golden brown. Serve with yummy Mint Chutney (pudina) or just Ketchup. You could also add in some onions if you love the taste of fried onions with rice!

2. Idli Float:- So this is one is my personal favourite and is the quickest snack with left over idlis and is a fun one that you can even offer to guests and accept all the pats on your back. So this one is an innovation with the very popular chaat, Dahi Vada. Break idli into two equal halves and dip it in a thin batter of refined flour (Maida). Fry the idli’s immediately after dipping to avoid over moistening of the idli.
Place the golden fried idlis on a large plate, and make slits with a knife in between, just a small gap. Fill in the gap with yummy dates chutney (khajoor chutney otherwise used in Bhel Puri). Some of it can ooze out, but the rest should be neatly filled in the tight gap.

In a bowl, mix a little water in curd to make its consistency thin, and sweeten it with sugar or honey. Pour this curd (dahi) on the fried idli’s and sprinkle on top some salt, chilli powder, roasted cumin powder and coriander leaves to add more colour! Voila, your dahi vada and idli with a twist is ready, and we call it Idli Float.

3) Halka Phulka:- This one is made from an item, that mostly remains as a left over in many large households, with unpredictability of a stable lifestyle, and this is Roti’s (Phulka’s). Tear the phulka’s into medium sized pieces. In a pan, heat some oil and add in some cumin seeds(khada jeera) and wait for it to sputter along with some mustard seeds (rai). Throw in some ginger garlic paste and let it fry for 2-3 minutes. It is then time to pour in some thin butter millk, about 150 ml for approx 3 phulka’s along with salt, Turmeric (Haldi) and Chilli Powder (Mirchi Powder).

Once it comes to boil, toss in the pieces of phulka’s , mix well and turn off the flame. Consume this hot and immediately to avoid lumps and excessive soaking. The consistency of the buttermilk and Roti should be like a semi-thick gravy!

So you see, innovations save us from thinking about at least one meal a day. We shall come back with more, but in the mean time, let not the leftover food mock you; re-design it and serve it to family and friends over moments of laughter or sizzling gossip!

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