The Land Where Women Rule: A Glimpse of Musuo Tribe, China

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 “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.”- William Golding

In an era where men and women walk shoulder to shoulder in all walks of life, and where women asking for equal rights are considered to be female chauvinists, this land in China exemplify what feminism truly means in a literal sense and as if the denizens of this land justify the above quote by Mr. William Golding every single day.

Despite China being the most over- populated country which has led it to come up with the one-child law, China’s Musuo matriarchy proves to be an exception. The foothills Himalayas houses 40,000 dwellers near the Lugu lake, that place women to be leading and strongly in charge, hence, is known as the “Land Where Women Rule”.

In certain places where having a single boyfriend is considered to be a taboo by the society and if it’s a small village then don’t even imagine moving out alone let alone having a boyfriend. But here in Musou women are permitted to get into as many relationships as they want during the course of their lifetime and swap traditional fidelity or commitment. This passes on from mother to daughter. Their distinctive tradition makes it very well known as “China’s last Matriarchy”.

 It is a land where women, when turning into their twenties, have their own individual rooms whereas men are left at the sympathies of two choices as to stay with their partners or sleeping on straw and hay accompanying the cattle. Now that’s something we don’t get to see every day! *wink wink*

Known as one of the last Matriarchal civilisations, the Musuo tribe is located in south-west China, at about 2700 metres from the sea level, taking you through dirt roads through valleys on the boundary of Sichuan and the Yunnan provinces, which requires almost 2 days to get to the destination.

Women here are responsible for taking all the major life decisions, take charge of domestic finances, have the equitable proprietorship of their household and property and the complete rights to their offspring born to them. There exist no notions of a “husband” or a “father”, which is quite surprising when we know that in a lot of places in China, the concept of arranged marriage still prevails and overpowers the idea of Love marriage. The Musuo tribe undeniably defies all conventional beliefs and gives a new direction to modern-day courtship and other aspects pertaining to women empowerment.

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