Did You Know That Work Related Stress May Cause Cancer?

This revelation can stress someone more but it is true that work-related stress may cause cancer in men. It is according to a recent research and publication work in a journal related to “Preventive Medicine”. It further states that a man going through stress pertaining to work for a longer period may result in cancer in the lung, colon as well as rectal and stomach. Non-Hodgin lymphoma is another name in the list of probable diseases.   

The study was conducted at INRS and University de Montreal in Canada to establish any possible relation between cancer and men suffering from work stress. The result was positive on a sample size that held stressful jobs for more than 15 years.

Cancer is a word that no one likes to hear and to everyone’s surprise, five cancers were directly linked to stress in men. This study has definitely opened eyes of many men who have been suffering through stress and yet continuing with their jobs.

Not every job is stressful. There are a few that involves more work and work hours eventually resulting in stress. Now we know what stress can do to you. Out of all the jobs that require equal enthusiasm and dedication, there is a list of jobs that generates more stress in men.

  • Jobs of firefighters is stressful
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Mechanic Foreman
  • Railway repair workers

There is more work like the mentioned above that demands more than eight to nine hours of work and continuous use of the physical and mental ability.

The study doesn’t discourage men doing such work to quit the job of course. It is the means to their bread and butter. Things that can work out for you if you are in any of these stressful jobs can be counseling with an expert, or taking a break in between your hectic work.

Cancer is that word which instills fear in everyone. I don’t want any of my loved ones go through it. There are many reasons, primarily the sufferings that one has to go through and secondarily the cost involved in the treatment. Save the money for better holidays and time with dear ones.

Nothing comes easy and I know this is not easy too. With work comes stress and with stress comes cancer but there is one more twist to it “one there is a will, there is a way”. So if you know what your priority in life is, and then you know it exactly what you need and what should the next step be.

I have seen many people die in front of their family leaving behind money and property. What is the use of that wealth when the one you want to share the life with doesn’t exist?

Always smile and spread smile. Work if it interests you and doesn’t hamper your health. If something is bothering you, an instant talk with your companion or the one you feel comfortable with can help you a great deal.

“Health is wealth”

Don’t forget this quote that means life in short.

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