10 Kick Ass Solo traveler tips by Pankti Shah

Traveling all yourself can be one of the most rewarding experiences all of us. You get a new sense of independence by discovering a place on your own schedule – you plan exactly where you need to go and what you want to do without anyone holding you back. While it can certainly be very stirring, there are a few things you need to consider in order to have the best and safest trip possible.

1. The Planning Technique 

The Planning Technique

Before starting off on your journey, make a general plan of what you want to do. I found it helpful to look at  a guidebook or just search the web in advance to find out what your destination city has to provide and how it can benefit you everything into any time constraints. Doing this before you leave will save loads of time, so you will be able to be more productive every day.

Conversely, however, only making a small plan and having, more adventure when you get there is another choice if you are not pressed for time.

2. Learn the language

Learn the language

If you are traveling to a country, where the language can be a barrier, learn at least some basic phrases. It might be intimidating to ask someone for direction when you are by yourself, but I have found that people are still willing to sort out if you starts by using a phrase in the local language. Do not just assume everyone speaks English – it’s close minded and rude. A little goes a long way when it comes to asking help from the strangers. “Hello, do you speak English?” and “Thank you” in their native language are just enough, but it does not hurt to learn a few more phrases. Learning is Good!

3. Act smart – Be Safe

Act smart - Be Safe

Before you leave, it is always wiser to research! It is really important to know how safe if your destination city and country is. Crime statistics are easily available online and some Tourism websites provide general safety tips and particular safety details about the destination. Safety must be one of your biggest priorities when traveling.

Traveling is very exciting, but sometimes you might become overwhelmed with the new experience that you might forget some very basic travel tips.

4. Plan routes

Plan routes

Whether you are coming home from a hotel, bar or a museum, plan for the route you might take. You must avoid silent places, passages or other perceived areas of danger. You must think about using a cab or a taxi and make sure it is from a trusted company that you have been supported.

5. The Instinct Follow

The Instinct Follow

One secret how I travel, keeping away from danger is to pre – empt situations and let yourself time to respond. This comes down to practice and training; we highly recommend learning from experts about how to find and reach the risk accordingly, but the main rule is to follow your instinct. If something feels incorrect, there is a good chance that it is really wrong. Talk straightway to make sure you are safe about whether you were wrong or right later when you are cent percent sound and safe.

6. Situational alertness

Situational alertness

Being alert of one’s surroundings is essential to find out the threats in advance. This is why people are teaching basic anti-surveillance to students.  Predators and offenders might follow their prey for a short time period before an assault to offer the right chance of when to attack. With advanced alertness and observational skills,  the likelihood of seeing a threat or attack is very heightened and let a person time to respond. This is also highly beneficial to find out pickpockets, muggers, opportunistic criminals and many other risks.

7. Bring your medication

Bring your medication

If traveling makes you a bit sick, then better have something to prevent these situations. In case you have asthma or any kind sickness that can strike you at any place, always have them handy. Carry your prescribed medicines. Never get to a point where you have to discontinue all or be re – routed just to get you to the local clinic.

8. Kick some ass

Kick some ass

If you are a solo traveler like me then I recommend you to take some self – defense classes for some peace of mind.

9. Keep away from suspicious people

Keep away from suspicious people

Remember that you are not in a country you are familiar with which men and women cannot possibly fully cope up with a single word you are saying. This is why it is recommended to stay away from suspicious looking individuals. Offer yourself a chance of the doubt. There is a notion that since females tend to be weaker than guys when it comes to muscle power, they are a lot more prone to be mobbed. You can prefer to stay in parts of the city in which it is considered as safe, but on the other hand, you will be defeating the main reason as to why you are vacationing. You will miss out on all the excitement of being a tourist. Or you can do the following;

  •    Always be watchful of the people near you
  •    Do not wear jewelry
  •    Carry light and a heavy flashlight
  •    Use safe places to hide your money

10. Hotel and Accommodation security

Hotel and Accommodation security

You must be very careful while picking a good accommodation by checking them on travel forums, hotel websites, and other things. Is the hotel well controlled? Is the place safe to travel at night? Does the hotel you stay have proper security facilities? This does not mean that you have to stay only in five-star hotels, it can mean paying a few bucks to be in a trusted place but still in a backpacker hostel. We can also use extra layers of safety by carrying a secondary door lock – it’s a small lock that you can put in your pocket offering this secondary layer of safekeeping. Also, don’t open your hotel door except needed.

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