Marriage is a social institution, an arrangement created by the society to provide security to women and a home-like environment to men so that they can assure the existence of their lineage as far as possible. Coexistence leads to many ups and downs. A couple moves into a matrimonial home and delves into their duties which flow from this arrangement. The mushy love gradually fades away and the equation between two people gains depth from working together, eating together, living together, providing each other with the comfort and warmth one requires.

As they grow old the so-called passion in their sexual arrangement withers, but the light of love and respect for each other remains, which of course, is beyond all this. Khujli is a story about a couple played by Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta who are in their mid-fifties. The movie begins with a moving bed and sexual sounds and moans which tend to create an environment in which a couple is enjoying their sexual acts together. Gradually the camera moves towards our on-screen pair and what one sees is something which one never imagines from the prior portrayal.

Neena Gupta is holding a wooden stick and Jackie Shroff is asking her to help him itch his back from different angles at different places. Soon, there is a knock at the door and their son enters to inform them that he is leaving for some personal plans. The couple then proceeds towards the dinner table. While Neena Gupta is preparing the salad, Jackie, irked due to his itch, goes inside his son’s room to find his itching cream. He comes out shouting, holding a pair of pink coloured cufflinks which are used role play or BDSM while having sex. Furious to see such an object inside his son’s bedroom he inquires Neena about it, to which she confidently replies that they are used in BDSM. Astonished by her reaction he inquires further about the source of her information to which her reply is ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,’ a novel was given to her by some neighbourhood lady.

While having dinner the conversation proceeds towards the plot of the book. Neena explains Jackie about the various BDSM and role play techniques used by Mr Grey, the lead character of the novel. She also tells him about the ‘Kinky’ newspaper column she enjoys reading, to which Jackie is amazed and inquires whether his wife is also interested in trying these so-called kinky techniques. Neena, replies in a disappointed and complaining tone that she doesn’t have an idea because of lack of experience and time with Jackie.

Jackie decides to prove his lady that there is still some residue passion left in him which hasn’t withered away with all these passing years. Excited and nervous at the same time, they both practice to impress each other and Jackie proceeds towards the room with a spoon and cufflinks. They try to play roles of different characters but unfortunately, while Neena is cuffed to the bed, there pops a problem and she has to leave. The second time when they resume, Jackie blindfolds and ties her hands after which he falls down, Neena in panic falls down too. They both laugh and express their happiness about being together. Teasing Jackie, Neena laughs about his acting during role play and tells him that she enjoyed a lot. Jackie, with his remnant spark, ties her again and tells her that the enjoyment has just begun.

All in all, it is a light 15-minute short film which one may enjoy watching. Although it is not a ‘must watch,’ but Neena’s acting definitely deserves an applaud. It may make you laugh a couple of times. With the garnish of her innocent and sweet expressions, one may relate to this 15-minute sequence somewhere. The direction and screenplay are good but dialogues could have been better, much better.

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