Just an Ordinary Girl

I am just a girl
An ordinary girl that’s me
Fighting to make a place
And stand my ground for me
Overburdened with expectations
Of being the lady I should be
I fight with my alter ego every moment
To be the girl I wish to be

I can soothe like the sweetest honey
I can burn like the fire
My moods change every second
But what stays is my desire
I can trust you blindly
I can love you with all my heart
But if you break it once
It’ll never heal so fast

I have hopes and dreams and plans
I wish to live my life as well
Then why do you put walls around me
And bury them in dust forever?
I am expected to do everything
Yet I am treated like shit
Even my money isn’t my own
It simply goes in someone else’s pocket

You like my fiery independent nature
Yet that is exactly what you want to change
You fall in love with a queen
But you wish to live with a maid
You tell me love is a compromise
But what I am made to do is sacrifice
And yet I am blamed for everything
That hampers your perfect life

I am expected to be perfect
I am expected to be pretty
If round is a figure for you
Then why is a zero for me?
Yet expectations abound
And you impose them all
And I have to fight with it everyday
While you sleep sound

Yet I am a girl
I am expected to put up with it
I am supposed to be the damsel in distress
When it’s you who needs to be saved
I have lived within the walls all my life
Yet you keep putting more of them behind
And I am born and I will die
In the beautiful jail of life

I am just a girl
An ordinary girl that’s me
I am not so complicated
As you make me out to be
If you just hold my hand
And let me be me
If you just have a little faith
And love me with all your being

I’ll be yours forever
I’ll always stay
Even when things go bad
Or you are left all alone
I’ll be standing next to you
Holding your hand and fighting the world
Cos I am just a girl
An ordinary girl that’s me
And if you know just that
That’ll be enough for me

ordinary girl

A poem by Swati Bhalla:

A self proclaimed writer. A travelling enthusiast. An avid reader. An adventurer in the making. A superhero fan and Harry Potter crazy. Believes in fantasy and her nerd superpowers. A workaholic. A dreamer. Loves food (too much). Pet lover. Girl Boss as a Project Manager at a leading NBFC.

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