The Joy Of Little Things: How A Single Meal With Your Folks Can Do Wonders

Sounds unreal right?! Aren’t we all thinking what a meal together with family has got to do with wonders on our health and our overall well-being? Yeah yeah, we know how incongruous it can sound to some of you. Also it is too good to believe for most of us. In the era of jet planes and dating apps meant to make our life simpler we do know how life has become way too complicated for a simple meal to do the wonders.

Times have changed now. No more like olden days where people had time for just about everything. We live in metros and live life at a supersonic pace with convenience at every step. Gadgets do all our work for us, right from switching the air conditioner on while we’re on our way home, to delivering our favourite food at our doorstep. Everything is just sorted! But the point is, are we missing out on something? In the hustle-bustle of our day-to-day lives, are we missing out on the simpler yet blissful moments? Most importantly, are we missing out on LIFE?

Honestly, this question hits us like the arrow we never thought was aimed at us in the first place. That’s the brutal truth and sometimes we go on with our lives drunk on the idea that we’re happy and sound just as we are and we don’t even realize what “True happiness” really is. For most of them, it’s just getting a promotion, buying a new car and flashing it off to people, going to expensive restaurants on dates and posting pictures right away. While our social networking pages are full of events, how eventful do we reckon, our life has actually been? We’re socially connected to people via networking apps but how “connected” are we?!

If we think about it, we might be able to address the elephant in the room. Honestly, when was the last time we actually sat together for a meal with our dear ones? When was the last time you complimented mom about her insanely delicious dal tadka and delighted over her perfectly soft, round and hot fulkas (tortillas)?! When was the last time you genuinely asked dad how his day was and was he tired? When was the last time you passed a compliment to your sister saying she looked really cool in those new sunglasses? When was the last time you pulled your little brother’s leg for no reason? When was the last time you actually took time out to ask your children how their new activity class in school makes them feel? When was the last time you noticed that your wife looks gorgeous in that dress and the way her hair it falls down on her face while she’s busy serving you dinner? Do you remember telling her just how beautiful she looks in her own chaos? That her simplicity makes you go ga-ga over her?

We all know the answer to these questions, the point is how eagerly and earnestly we want to address them. It all starts with a simple step. Nothing complicated. A simple meal with the ones you love can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Discuss just about anything over a meal and you’ll notice how deeply it affects your mental and emotional health. Whether it is rambling about your favourite music, a light hearted laughter or how desperately you want to take up a study course. Talk. And when you have some amazing ghar ka khana (homemade food) to go with it every night and your loved ones beside you laughing their guts off, what else can you ask for?

It’s amazing how a dinner table can bring us all together, bind us or create new bonds. No one remembers what you say but they do remember how you made them feel. Appreciate your people. Love them. Be with them when they need you and even when they’re so upset that they think they don’t. Life’s too special to be lived virtually. It’s a blessing. Don’t just let it go. Eat together. Live together.

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