Jaya Anand- A Fashion Fireball !

Jaya Anand, who we can now also call the Fashion Fireball working in the industry of Television shows as a Costume Stylist since a decade. Every new show that she works on is a magical fabric that creates the fantasy on the small screen!

An amazing feature about her is the smile that never wears off her face. When asked what her childhood dream profession was, she blushes saying she wanted to be in the aviation industry. But destiny had other plans for her, and it might not be wrong to say, that her destiny indeed made the right choice!

Her first break was with Balaji Telefilms where she assisted Mrs. Nim Sood, the then fashion stylist for the production back then. From then to now, this fireball has taken no step back. She has worked with a plethora of Production houses that include Essel Vision, Directors Kut, Lotus Talkies, Fireworks, Rose Audiovisuals, BBC Worldwide, Ravi Ojha Productions, Fox Television India Limited, and the list is endless!

Not just television shows, but she has also styles artists for award shows like Golden Television Awards and Star Parivaar Awards in 2008. She has also styles artists like Aamir Ali, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Sara Khan, Parul Chauhan. The reality show Ticket to Bollywood, involved a number of Bollywood stars like Amrita Singh, Zeenat Amman, Shabana who were also designed by Jaya Anand!

I asked her she loves to design the most, and she replied at the drop of a hat, “ I love to experiment with Indian designs as I feel there is a huge space for creativity.” She has designed for a flagship shows produced by Balaji Telefilms starting from 2004 and 2009. It was after this that she took a step ahead and started off as an independent stylist for a score of shows on channels like Star TV, Zee TV, SONY TV, etc.

To the girls who wish to set into the world of costume styling, Jaya urges that more than anything else it is important to have a natural and inbuilt sense of fashion in them. Although, a degree in Fashion is an added advantage she claims! A woman of few words, and with the sparkle in her eyes, here’s what she said in the rest of the interview.

We are aware of how the industry is spoken of. Does it bother you both ? Have you faced any such situations?
I remain focused on my work and my concentration is only in designing the characters. I maintain a strictly professional relationship with all. That shall keep you away from what you state!

People say costume designing is a job of glamour and riches, but I am sure there is more to it. Can we hear your opinion about the same?

This might be true for other industries but certainly not when it comes to television!  It is as tedious and stressful as any other department in the television industry.

What is your long-term goal? Are you pleased with where you stand or is there more to achieve?

I am not the type of person who would set long term goals because I feel universe always has something better planned for you. I take each day as it comes and prefer focusing on things currently on my platter.

What is your message for the women of today as far as profession is concerned?Follow your passion and make it your profession. You will never feel it’s just a job and will surely enjoy what you do.

Tell us a little about your family; Do they come to you for fashion advice?

Yes! I design for my family and friends for any and every occasion. I am their go to person as far as fashion is concerned!

And again, she packs off with a bubbling laugh!

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