If moving on is the law of nature, why not flip the winds of change?

Hibernated, Busy, Lost, Dull, Life appears going nowhere!

That’s what SHE sadly murmurs in a deep conversation with her own-self when thinking about her personal growth while ID-10025698her tears roll down her rosy cheeks, hustling hard for a good job, after her marriage, after being a mother, or broke up from a strong relationship.

While many young girls breathe in their fancy phase of youth; there exist a large troop of females who have become the victim of one of these common traumas. You might be one of them, someone from our circles might be one of them or someday even I might be one of them. Yes, I admit, it’s quite common to come across them owing to any one or more of these life changing phases, however is that how you dreamt or imagined it to be??

Lately, I have been wondering about how fast and furious our lives are moving, however still we stand stagnant in most areas in personal and professional, in virtues and vices, in love and hate and consequently in our success and failures. The only thing that remains permanent is change though we aren’t moving ahead in our thoughts or actions; please don’t forget life just is. It is the law of nature. Forget about anything else, but realize you are getting older each day losing a tremendous opportunity to move in the direction of fulfilling your dreams.

Hence, if moving on is the law of nature, why not flip the winds of change? A desirable, a positive, a self-satisfying, a self-bettering, THINK about it. A smarter way of doing it is taking the wind out of our sails before the society puts a storm in your teacup. Like it or not, the world is judgmental and we cannot interrupt them although what we can practice is try to be the best of ourselves. Believe me; it delivers extreme self-satisfaction, drags you closer to your dreams, makes your life fulfilling to the extent which is beyond your imaginations.ID-100234777

An ultimate solution for this omnipresent epidemic is synchronizing gradually with the world. Step out, travel as much as you can, grab new opportunities, talk to different people, experiment new things, commit as many mistakes, learn from them and cherish the smallest of your achievement.

Follow a practice of doing at least one new thing in a day, be it cooking up a new dish, learning new language or educating with a new course, watching a DIY (Do-it-yourself) video of your hobby or sport that interests you, or anything. The more you do, the more you progress.  IT IS GOING TO BE CONATGIOUS!  More than the society’s pull down epidemic.

Mind it! Continuous development and reinventing self is as much significant law of personal life as much it is of any business.

A group of young children playing in the garden surprised me. What I observed was not their play but how they were constantly moving on with the change, synchronizing in each part of their life with the world with more ease. I questioned myself, how is it that the so called children stubborn of their age, those who should be dealt with ample amount of love and understanding were adapting themselves so easily? I found it was because of their grasping power which is not available absolutely for free but is a result of number of experiments and its failures, yet a constant desire to move on. Ultimately, children off shoot the education we give and hustle to work towards fulfillment of their dreams. They taught me how important it is to learn to “Let go” to “Move on” in order “to progress”.

Our thoughts and belief aren’t pious, unless we flip the winds of change. To make it worth, there are two things, one, a constant desire to be willing to change and other to practice patience because if moving on is the law of nature then why not make it honorably imperial?

How? To be continued in part 2 of the series.

Stay tuned.

Image courtesy of marcolm , Witthaya Phonsawat , Serge Bertasius Photography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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