I Had Problem With Numbers


“I flunked in Maths”, these were the words of once a consistent topper of my Bosom friends. We were then eight, too young to sound so fancy in the Language. That was her first failure confrontation that almost could give her an attack (pun intended as people now a days run after marks and not the intelligence).

Everyone questioned her, humiliated her and questioned her merit of being the topper every time. She lost all that she earned in the last few years.
To this, her mom acted gracefully. She neither showed any expression of anger nor embarrassment. She innocently let her daughter be tutored by a South Indian Math teacher. Her only expectation was that the little one shouldn’t be disappointed anymore. She wanted to see her smiling again. There was no looking back for the child after that.
She is now a Math teacher in a private school. She has shut all the criticism that stood on her way to becoming a master at it.

This is a shout out to the students who think any subject is difficult to be excelled at. You need a Guru like Dronacharya who will guide you through and scrape out the potential in you. Don’t be disheartened. Subjects are not uphill task, hence have been included in the syllabus. Try winning over the fear and GO FOR IT.

With this story, I intend to give a shout out to all the aspiring students who have been under tremendous parental and societal pressure of going only for marks.

Here a few tips for the parents –

Keep calm and act rather than react to such situations. After all it’s your child who will be by your side, not the blood sucking society.

Counsel the child and see what comes out of the developing mind.

Do what is right for your child without making him or her feel, that a crime has been committed. Let them know that without failing, no one can succeed. Even the most successful entrepreneurs, servicemen, including all the highest designations of the planet have stumbled on their path of success.

Tell them to study to excel in the subject rather than mugging up for the sake of scoring.

Trust me, doing these they might not be the toppers but will be the most successful in life. Parents should trust and hold the hands of the kids to cross the hurdle not curse them for their failure. If you do so, you will lose your child’s intellect forever.

When you conceived, you didn’t know whether it would be a girl or a boy; so why not leave the destiny to the kids? Let them decide what they want. Of course, you will be by their side in times of situations they can’t handle. But mind you, you will be the guiding star, not the teacher who completes the homework and makes the brain dull.

Good luck for all the failures as they will be the stepping stones to your success story.

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