How to deal with co-workers at workplace

Of course, workplaces are often stressful environments, and conflicts between associates are common everywhere.

Desperation with co workers can make us feel quite stressed and low and sometimes we take extreme decision leave the job but that is not the wise decision, we can end closeness with office peers but ending the job is definitely not a good idea. I have sum up few key points which may help our beautiful readers in dealing with the co-workers. 

ID-10055341Maintain distance with gossip queens

They have a big mouth and they always have latest rumour. Criticizing other people is their favorite topic. If they can discuss about others in front of you, then it will be vice versa. You can be their victim also. You can explain them that you are not comfortable discussing someone behind the back subsequently you can request them to change the subject or act as busy.

Don’t let others bully you

You will find many difficult people at your workplace. There are many in office who are keen to control others to do the things on their own way. They enjoy nagging others. No need to get manipulated by others when you are doing right things. Be clear about your thoughts and be firm about your own decisions. Don’t allow someone else’s point of view in your thought process. Have a sharp vision.

ID-100103332Insecure and envious colleagues

Insecure colleagues are everywhere who cannot see others getting success. They are good to blame others when any mistake occurs. They never miss any chance to let others down in front of the seniors. Never give them any opportunity to take the credit for something you have achieved in your work. Try to keep your targets and projects confidential.

Identify the hypocrites

There are people who act like they are just beside you in every circumstances but they can be your frenemies and back-stabbers. Never share your work related or even personal life problems with them. They will be nice on your face but will always enjoy seeing you in difficulties. You can act wisely by keeping their duel personality in your mind.


Negative colleagues

This category comprises of the people who are dissatisfied with their job and constantly think negative about the workplace. They have complain from every other person in office. This kind of people may influence your positive approach towards the office environment. Their negativity and displeasure towards office customs may heavily affect your working energy. You can stay away from them or leave the place which will clearly show your disinterest from the issue and your priority for discussing more positive subjects.

Ultimately your purpose should be limited to your job profile and work.

Keep your focus so much on self perfection so that you are no more concerned about your co-worker’s behaviour towards you.

Be affirmative and remember that you can choose your job but you can’t choose your colleagues. You cannot control others but you can definitely control your reactions on some situations.


Wishing all our readers great working days ahead!

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    Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian says

    Truly wonderful points to note. A must for the present day Women workers who have the onerous task of balancing life at office and home. There is no doubt many women would be hugely benefited by what you have written. Thanks a lot Grishma.

    1. thecompletewoman says

      thanks for appreciating ! keep visiting for more articles and suggest topics need to be included.

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