Hey Girls! Put A Smile On Face Instead Of Makeup!!!

( International Happiness Day Special Article – March 20th )

Girls, do you really think that you look more beautiful and attractive by putting makeup on face? Just think for a while. A girl’s most beautiful outfit is her attitude, the cutest accessory is smile and the best pair of heels is confidence.

Once you started doing makeup, it turns into usual route. The face feels naked without the colors. Awkwardness becomes apparent and it lowers the self esteem. It can take an hour to complete the makeup, so it is time consuming. It is not easy to remove as the products are getting more stubborn day by day, converting removal job into a never ending struggle. There is nothing called big or small mistake here. While splats of mascara on the face demand complete wash and restart, it can leave your skin vulnerable or fully damaged. Also if the makeup is not removed properly it can boost acne. Another headache is, you will have to spend a good amount of money on makeup products.

On the other hand, ‘smile’ does not require any monetary expenditure. It lowers stress and anxiety. A smile is pretty attractive for more reasons than one. A smile suggest that you are approachable, easy going and empathetic. Smiling even makes your immune system stronger by making your body produce white blood cells to help fight illness. Laughing and smiling can be very effective in pain management. It acts like a body’s natural pain killer. That is why endorphin make us feel happier and less stressed. When we release more endorphin, the stress hormone is reduced and we feel relaxed and happy.

When you smile, interaction with others is easier and more enjoyable and these behaviors are contagious, making others feel pleasant too. It makes you a more appealing person to be around. It will have a positive effect on well being. A smile or relaxed face indicates confidence and an ability to cope up in stressful situations. This is helpful for your career, building healthy relationships and being seen in a favorable light by your friends, family members and colleagues.

It is no more a secret that our emotional health is closely related to our physical health. Since smiling means you are happy, you will likely live a longer, more relaxed life than those who regularly frown. Smile is a global sign of happiness. Around the world, language may be the barrier, but a smile passes through any heart, wherever you travel.

It is not at all time consuming like makeup and you do not have to struggle for a smile. It is very natural and gives a pleasant emotion. If you want to improve your credibility, simply smile more. What could be easier than that? Have you put a smile on your face just now? See through your makeup and enjoy the boost of endorphin.

So go out, chin up and most important just give a smile and grab the world.

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