Health Is Wealth

                            healt is wealthRaise your hands all you beautiful women who are in a long struggle with their weight wanting to shed and bid it a good bye but tend to fall back on the promises we made to ourselves. Trust me, I am raising my hand to the limit I can stretch! We all at one point of our lives come to think that why do some of us put on weight faster than some of the others who hog so much at food and don’t put on a gram? And through years of research we have come to the conclusion that each one’s body is different than the others and so it depends on our genes of the type of body we will have. How delightful would it be that we get to eat a lot, but yet lose weight the right way? The mantra to not put on weight is simple- eat a lot but eat right! It is also essential to eat at proper intervals!

I came across an established dietician here, Dr. Janki Patel, a Ph.d in nutrition who has been practicing as a nutrition consultant for the past 10 years now who taught me how to watch my calories and eat right. She has now formulated a general diet plan for all the women who are looking to lose weight or to balance their weight. If at any point you feel you are unable to continue, discontinue immediately. Most importantly, drink as many pints of water you can throughout the day to avoid storage of water.  Follow this plan for a week rigorously and then climb back on, on our biggest enemy- The weighing machine! (I always feel like it is staring back at me mocking each time I get on it! Does that happen with you?)

First and foremost, begin every day with a glass of warm water. Squeeze a few drops of lemon water and some cinnamon powder. This drink helps clear all the toxins in the body. It is vital to sustain an active lifestyle while you are following this plan and so it best advised to wake up early in the morning, by say around 6am. About 45 minutes later, have one banana. Make sure to keep a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes gap after the glass of warm water. Having a banana in the morning on an empty stomach DOES NOT add weight; rather it is counted best for building immunity.

Then comes the time for breakfast after about 40-45 minutes after having the banana! A week has seven days, and here we have four possibilities to choose from for making our breakfast a yummy and heavy one. Do not overeat at any point of the day or meal. Always make sure that your stomach is not a 100% full after any of the meals you eat throughout the day.  Here are the options you can choose from, you can alternate them across the weak.

  • 2 Piece Sprout chilla (crush moong sprouts, add little besan and oats to form batter)
  • 2 Piece Mix Daal chilla (Soak moong, urad, chana and tuver daal at night, crush in morning and make chilla)
  • ¾ Bowl Poha/ Upma/ Muthiya/ Dhokla
  • 2 pc. Whole Wheat Bread Toast with masala Paneer

No matter what you eat, make certain you use very little oil in whatever you make. Make sure you do not cross more than 3 table spoons of oil a day. My favourite from all of these is poha and whole wheat bread toast with masala paneer! Which is yours?

By around 11.00 Am you might tend to feel a little hungry since you should have finished your breakfast by 8.30 am which is when you can have your mid-meal. You can either have a smoothie made from fresh fruits and vegetables such as bottle guard, carrots, orange, spinach, cucumber, etc. If you are a little less hungry then you can have any one seasonal fruit, except for banana. We already had one in the morning remember?

 There is a lot to eat for lunch, but in proportion and with a little twist in your rotis. You should finish your lunch by 1.30 pm. This is what you are supposed to eat everyday:

  • 2 Multigrain Roti (Oats,Ragi, Jovar)


  • 1 Bowl Salad


  • ¾ th Cup (150 ml) Cooked vegetables


  • ¾ th cup Dal

If you have eaten right, then you surely will feel a tiny amount of hunger by around 4pm, grab on to a glass of green tea and have it with a handful of almonds and walnuts. As much as you love eating dry fruits, don’t eat too many of them.

By 6 in the evening, come down to a healthy bowl of soup made fresh at home. Soups that are available outside in packets are not as healthy as they look, so please avoid them and make your own.

Finally, we are down to the last meal of the day, and all the people like me who love eating rice are going to have a good time, because this is what you get to eat for dinner:-

  • 3/4TH Cup cooked rice/ khichdi/ pulav


  • 1 Bowl Protein ( homemade Paneer/ dal/ soy chunk)


  • ½ Bowl Cooked Vegetables

        health is wealth

 To ask me, this is my favourite meal of the day! You will be full and satisfied by bed time, and will start feeling good about yourself by then. End the day with a glass of warm milk. I hope you know that throughout the diet you must not indulge in any sort of cravings such as chocolates, ice creams, soft drinks or pastries. Junk food is a big NO NO! For better results, try to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

If this diet works out best for you, you could follow it for another week and then take a gap for about 2 to 3 days in between before starting again.  Always remember that the true beauty of a woman is in good health and in be ability to be active! To get customised diet plans for yourself, feel free to contact Dr.Janki Patel from Friday to Saturday between 10 am to 1.00 pm at:

Healthy Minds Clinic

450,Abhishree Complex, Opp Star Bazaar

Satellite Road, Ahmedabad- 380015.

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