Happy Valentine Babes!!!!!

Be it anyone, committed, single or in complicated relationship or someone like me who dates in her mind and when she has dream fights dumps her boyfriend right away, well the thing is, this is a chance to listen “Happy Valentine’s Day, Love” from the most beautiful person you can ever meet.

All you have to do is read this blog to last and then you will find out…..

So first of all, how are the committed babes doing? It would have been a great week spending all your savings on someone who will be doing the same and just exchanging gifts and stuff you do every year? No offense but come on spice it up, like they say “Go bold or go home.”

And for my single hot bay out there, “How you doing?” well being a single or committed doesn’t matter as long as you have your cake once every month and are happy.

But since its valentine and you want to get that special smoked hot valentine wish for today, I have a genuine and awesome plan for every girl out there. All you gotta do is put some red bitchy lip color on and get your hair combed, not like me, (believe me I spare the combing process for special days rest days are just wrap them in the rubber band somehow and put some water to get front finish :p ), so get your hair done put some make up on and lights on…

Once this is done just ensure that lights camera action mode and go to the mirror… hurry….hurry. wooooaaa. That’s it. There is the most beautiful person right in front of you. And all you have to do now is turn your lips and wish the sexy lady, “Happy Valentine Day, Love”.

Like seriously for every relationship to be successful, you have to be a success in yourself. I don’t believe in the rat race that says go and do what everyone is doing, running wild for nothing. That is boring and tiresome and hideous, I mean we are not sheep that “meh” together, but beautiful people that should be loved and respected by all but foremost by ourselves. Why need a joke or tickling to laugh on, my mere existence makes me happy about myself and so should yours.

All twenty four hours of days the world plans to distract you from yourself but your true peace lies with you. Just take some seconds out praise you to get the ability to praise others. Running on a treadmill is good but only for some time and only in your workout plan, rest of the day just rest in peace. More than designing the world around us, life is all about designing ourselves. I had this weird dream where I was struck and I could hear someone banging a hammer and chisel like someone was making something out of a stone. But then I realized it was me. Yes, I was mending and shaping me and leaving my hands whole of my body was a stone. Whole my life I was searching the reason for myself to survive and one day you get it just like this after a crème filled muffin. Well don’t really remember about the dream after that but those muffin are my favorite.

So, just takeout a moment, be a 5 seconds selfish bitchy narcissist to love yourself and confess it heartily and live the whole day happily.

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