Hand looms with a little twist – style & comfort

beautiful women in sareeLike many of you I am too a big fan of hand loom and I wear my hand looms with a little twist just to add a little quirkiness to it just to make it more interesting. ( at the same time I totally admire the grace of wearing hand looms the regular way )beautiful women in saree

Boho chic is one of my favourite looks as it really gives you the comfort you want at the same time adding style to it.

Being Boho adds a certain character to the garment. And a poncho is one of the most comfortable and versatile garment to wear giving you the boho look. We can wear it the way we want, be it on a saree or a dhoti.

I choose to wear my irkal poncho with a Maheshwari cotton saree in the morning and with a dhoti pants in the evening .. … What’s your way ??

Love being boho 

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