Golden Days…

Sometimes when we look back, we can hardly believe that time has moved on so quick, that we feel we just got done learning the few things that we did as little girls from our mommies; and here we are with a complete new generation of little girls, with gadgets in their hands learning to pout even before they learn to pronounce the word pout! It is obviously sad to see that the kids today have completely lost all their active spirit and are stuck to some or the other spine breaking and eye damaging gadget. Not that we oppose it, but come on! When I see such kids, I begin to lecture them on how beautiful childhood is, and how hard it will be to get it back when they finally begin to regret it. But like I said, they take it as just a lecture and very few tend to understand what it really means.

When I come across little girls these days, growing way beyond their age, saying and questioning things that we would not expect before a certain age, it shocks me! My mind hit the flashback section of my brain taking me back to all those beautiful things we did until we reached our teens but only of the generations till the late 90’s. It feels so amazing to be a girl sometimes and even though boys have their own set of fun, somehow I have always felt like the luckier one! Let me refresh some of your memories which I am sure you remember as a little girl!

Remember, how fascinated we used to be to wear our mommies huge heels along with a long dupatta enough to be a veil of our size? God knows why that was so important to all of us! It just felt like something so grown up that we could not wait to actually grow up; thus there we were, dragging her big heels in our turtle feet along with a dupatta worn in Indian style making us look like our moms. To top it all, some of us would steal her lipstick and apply it as haphazardly as we could, yet making us look like the most prettiest in front of our mother!

 I also remember very distinctly, we wanting to surprise our mother with a simple cooking on her birthday or mother’s day. Some unruly uncooked dish, with hardly any design but with loads of ketchup along with a cup full of tea (which ultimately our dads would make) was always the menu. Those giggles behind the closed doors when you lock her inside (and she would always behave as if she is asleep to not break her angel’s heart) are still audible to me. And then going inside the room with a tray full of all the love we cooked (or so we thought!), screaming SURPRISE at the top of our voices jolting her out of her bed! How well she acted to relish what we made!

This only takes me further to the steel kitchen set which all of us had as a tradition, in which we served water in the little cups to our parents, and biscuits robbed from the kitchen in the plates. In fact, I went up to the extent of telling my mom that I would eat cheese only if grated with my own grater from my own kitchen. Did we ever need company? On our own, talking to ourselves, we were so happy! We hardly cared even if the landline rang, leave alone a mobile now!

All the best of our creativity would definitely be exhibited on her special days with us closing the doors behind us and making her a greeting card with the best drawing that we thought we could make or with the latest one that art teacher had taught us. That too, all with a crayon! That was decorated with wordings of I love you, again in crayons in imbalanced sizes. We hardly even bothered which sheet we used, sometimes, it was even ruled sheets turn off from the pink pages of our notebooks, and then we thought, it’s for mom, I am sure we can tear a page.

After all of this came in the teen years, when we get a room with a lock on it, which is when we finally began to steal bigger things such as the saree that she last wore. Wrapping it around us, over our jeans or shorts, feeling beautiful inside out, but too shy to tell mom or go outside. That was the one little secret between us and our mirror.

Overwhelmed I am to be reminded of such things, but the reality of technological development scares me to think if all this can still happen? Or do we just have to face the fact that it was something only that lasted till our age? I secretly wish my daughter would do such things! Do you?

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