Are We Going Towards Parasite Entrepreneurial World..?

Today I was reading economic times and stopped over a headline which reads

#At Rs 11,754 crore, the combined losses of ecommerce majors Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal is almost double the annual budget of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

I am an old school businessman and since this digital business front is open, I often feel that I am outdated now. Every day I come across news of large figured valuation on digital businesses which don’t have anything of their own. They are just mediator, do not create anything..  just a channel.. And still people are paying insane amount of valuation to them.

This kind of news and business community is creating an entire new generation who doesn’t want to create anything. In the name of start-ups they are just another service providers. Every next person is coming with some vague idea and asking for funding. When you ask for revenue model and profitability, they will be blank, will look at your face as if you are an alien. They may also call you old school.

Since long I am looking for a real start-up who has idea other than digital platform and who is willing to produce or create any new need based product, but I am not seeing any.

All just want to sit behind a 14 inch screen (that too now reducing to 7 inch mobile phones) create some kind of mobile app, ask for fund, do advertisements, x number of downloads and want to create millions in a year.

I am seeing that in near future, we wil l not have any real entrepreneur or businessman who are contributing to the world in real sense. There wont be any new generation who is producing, all will be just service providers.

We are on our away to witness an entire new generation of parasite entrepreneurs.

These words may hurt many, but this is reality.

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