Gift Happiness this Season!!!

Who doesn’t love gifts? Everyone does and if there is someone who doesn’t, it is very likely that the person is drastically different from the major population who loves gifts. Gifting is an art and appreciating it is no less than it. It is strange to know but there is utmost satisfaction within oneself when gifting someone or being gifted. It is although a matter of time and patience when looking for gifts for girlfriend as well as for boyfriend but the attempt is worth it. The term “psychology” is a concept that talks about the impact of certain actions on human minds and behavior. This truly coincides well with the behavior of people around us when a gift is given.

Have you observed the smile on a kid’s face when you gift something? If you haven’t so far, please do as that smile will reflect your goodness in the purest manner. I bet that you must not have experienced that emotion ever or even if you did, you didn’t take the time to ponder over the feeling. Gifting is the best way to turn a friend into foe. Of course, it sounds like a bribe or selfish action. What is the harm if the action is resulting in love and affection blooming everywhere?

“Give to get more”.

Gifting happiness is priceless

I myself had never given it a thought until the day I was surprised by my husband. It was a blue day for me and when I returned home, the living room was filled with balloons, cakes, and candles. The room looked incandescent with brilliant decoration. That was my Birthday. Now, let me explain how it brightened my day. Well, for the past few days, we had been arguing over a petty issue of traveling somewhere. I know that the issue isn’t a major one. You must be thinking if arguing to travel, why not take a trip? Exactly any rational mind will comprehend.

What stopped us was the disagreement on spending on travel. I didn’t want to spend while he wanted to. Being a wife, you plan things meticulously than a husband does. I was planning of a car; hence wanted to save on those little expenditures whenever I could. Off to work, I went on my special day without realizing how my husband would have felt. He didn’t care about anything and took the step to make my day memorable with the gesture I mentioned.

My reaction was “Oh my Gosh”! What made me forget the bad times and the fights was that little effort he made to make me feel loved. That’s how special the act of giving is. It can only bring a big curve on your face and make things straight.

It is believed that men don’t love to gift like the way women do. We always have the notion that only women buy gifts for men. Here I was proved wrong and maybe we shouldn’t generalize this statement. Men too are born with emotions; sometimes they can defeat women in this context. So no kidding!

Oh, I forgot to mention why I liked the surprise the most. It had all the elements and arrangements that I crave for, from balloons to cakes to wine to flowers and candles. These are not too expensive items but have been enthralling me in every possible way whenever I am around them. He included some handmade decorations of our memories. They were extremely special. So if you want to go that extra mile for your loved ones, then DIY gift ideas can be the best one. Some people might have ignored the efforts as nothing expensive was invested. My husband knew smaller things can make my day. A few, on the other hand, would like to be pampered by expensive items. This effort could have been in vain. So here psychology played a vital role. He did a psychological analysis to be meticulous in the arrangement and eventually hit the bull’s eye.

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