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   footwearI am pretty sure you have been across various of articles which tell you about the various kinds of shoes or heels every woman must or should have, but being a crazy shoe gal myself, let me tell you out of experience the best heels and shoes and the occasions to wear them or not wear them which will be most comforting for your feet.

Before I begin falling all over my love for shoes, let me extremely curt about the fact that shows or footwear is a sensitive accessory for your body because it is what adds style to your feet. It is extremely important to know how well you should treat them because any damage to your feet can lead to long lasting back problems which of course we don’t want! Make sure you walk around before buying any new shoe because it will instantly give you the feel of comfort or discomfort. Always keep your feet moisturised and clean before adorning any shoe, because unclean foot can lead to cracks in your feet (purely out of experience). Make sure you keep your footwear clean as well, especially if they are black or silver. Make sure you wipe them with a wet tissue or cloth in order to not let them keep building towers out of all the dust it collects.

To make sure that your shoes run a longer period of time, keep all heels in their boxes stacked neatly; it will avoid any permanent marks or breakage or cracks in the heels.

One of the most important footwear that everyone needs to own is a house slipper, never ever walk around barefoot. It will soon start adding to the cracks to corner of your heel and will also make the skin look dry and white. Never repeat the socks of any shoe; it is no more than an invitation to fungal infection. This brings me to the first and foremost must have; every woman must have a sports shoe. It gives the very sporty look making one look very sexy and active! In fact, you should wear them even when you are exercising just at home as it only adds to the energy that you already have to exercise.                                                                                   .

If you are fond of foot wears and have a job that demands a lot of moving around, then you should definitely own a wedge heels! It is the one secret to looking tall, stylish and comfortable at the same time. Thanks to imagination, these days there are so many styles available in only wedge heels! Own them in various colours and sizes, and if you are the one shoe type of person then make sure you go for a common colour such as black, cream or light brown.   

You will find it amazingly beautiful to be spotted in a stiletto heel, but let me tell you, as beautiful as they look, they are equally uncomfortable and wavy. You don’t know what flooring you come across that will make you slip and fall. You will not just break your back, but also break your heel. So buy one only if you can manage it; but do try one stiletto heel that is closed like a ballet shoe. It does give more stability while you walk, yet I am not no in for it.    footwear

Same is the case with a slim heel! They are equally wavy but they look stunning when you wear them under a pair of jeans and a beautiful top while you go to a fancy restaurant for lunch or dinner.    footwear

These days, block heels are in fashion, and trust me, no matter how many inches, they are extremely comfortable. If you buy the right pair from the right brand, they will like your feet are floating in the air but with no strain at all. Block heels look great when in bright colours such as black, red, navy blue or cream!  Such heels go great with formals.    footwear

If your city experiences extreme winters, then without saying, boots are compulsory! It is the one thing that acts like a thermal as well makes your feet look perfect. Avoid the bright coloured ones to wear on regular days, go for colours like black, brown and cream. The cute furry ones in the baby colours also add more style to your winter look.    footwear

Although many women flaunt loafers, I am not comfortable with that idea even if it just to go to the market. Somehow, style and loafers don’t go well as far as I am concerned. Rather own a cartoon slipper that looks cute on your grown feet when you are taking a short trip to the market.

With so much of what you already have, regular heels, of any inch size should always be kept in handy to wear to sudden birthday parties. It is also best to keep one heavy, golden or silver heels to wear at receptions or weddings. It certainly does not look good to wear regular heels under heavy suits or sarees. Heels or not, these colours set you different.   footwear

Try on some of these, and if you can buy at least on of such every alternate month in order to have them all! Love your feet like you love yourself. After all, you owe it to them!

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