Feminism- Not Anti-Men but Pro Human

Feminism refers to any ideology that seeks total equality of rights for women, usually through improving the status for females. It particularly focuses on issues that disproportionately hurt females, such as ending gender pay gaps, enacting political rights and reassessing what is considered “male” & “female”.

However, feminism is widely misunderstood. Nowadays, it is used to portray a system where women have swapped roles with men and men are the ones deprived. This can’t be any more far from the truth. We have to understand that if the patriarchal society is a problem then so is matriarchal. They’re not opposites. True equality and justice are the opposites that we all seek.

Actor Evangeline Lilly said, “I’m very proud of being a woman, and, as a woman, I don’t even like the word feminism because when I hear that word, I associate it with women trying to pretend to be men, and I’m not interested in trying to pretend to be a man.”

Feminism is very similar to that movie that everyone claims to understand while they actually don’t. There are several misconceptions that go around regarding the ideology of feminism.

Let me illustrate some ways in which we misunderstand feminism :

1. “Men are protectors, always”.

Women don’t need a knight with a shining armour to protect her all the time. Being a feminist means that you consider yourself capable of fighting your own battles. All you require is an equal platform!

2. “Only men can empower women”.

Men aren’t the ones who will empower a woman. If a man thinks that it’s in his control to empower a woman, that’s sexist of him. She is extremely capable of doing just fine. All she asks for is the support, and is willing to offer the same to empower you!

3. It’s not only men who require introspection.

No! I’m not kidding. It’s high time for women to start looking at each other as fellow team members and not competitors. We all can rise together and get over our habit of pulling each other down.

4. Gross generalisation.

All men are not the same. There! I said it. Men believe in equality as much as we women do. Not every guy you come across is a pervert. If you witness sexist behaviour, punish the man responsible; not the gender.

5. Do not mock the real victims of dowry and rape by misusing laws meant for your protection.

This goes pretty much against the ideology of feminism. 73% fake rape cases in the year 2013 and the ever increasing false dowry cases are a proof that laws are being largely misused! Shed that misuse off woman!

Feminism involves making the world a place with no gender specific roles. A society where men and women possess no threats to each other. A world where both genders co-exist as equals. A woman opening the door for a man should not be greeted with raised eyebrows but with acceptance. Be a true feminist and be unapologetic about it!

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