Feminazi’s You Have Ruined Feminism: Feminism is not About Hating Men

Recently, one of my friends texted me, “Dear Ritu it had been a long time I talked to you or met you but I have been reading your blogs and articles. Do you hate men?

“What made you think so. I never wrote, in any of my articles that I hate men nor I preach women to do so”, I replied.

The women-centric articles I write are not against men or about hating men. They are written to appreciate the different roles played by women, aware them of their rights, make them realize their strength and to support and encourage them to find their worth,” I added.

“ I am sorry, your articles on women empowerment made me think you are a feminist. And everybody knows feminists hate men” replied my friend.

This talk reminded me of an interview given by famous harry potter girl Emma Watson. “Fighting for women’s right has become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop. For the records, feminism by definition is: ‘The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.”’

Feminism was started as a revolution to establish equal opportunities for women in employment and education. Feminism has never been a movement to create a man-less society or about hating men for the rest of the life. Then what happened, that feminism got a reputation as a male–hating movement.

Let me tell you, the birth of a new bunch called as feminazis is responsible for killing feminism and pushing this movement towards a slow death.

Feminazi by definition means ‘A radical feminist’. This term describes the women, who in the name of feminism are trying to seek superiority over men. They have made feminism fad movement, a joke.

We wanted gender equality, but feminazis have spurred the creation of a new group called mennist group to take stand for men.

Nobody can deny the fact that women have been exploited and in many parts of the world, they are still being exploited. They live in the fear of getting raped. They are harassed. They are pushed into the sluthood. They are expected to sacrifice their lives, their education, dreams, and ambitions for the sake of the family. But are only men responsible for all this??

Let me give you a few examples where one woman have exploited other:

 A mother in law killing her daughter in law for dowry.

Pregnant women aborting her child on acknowledging it’s a girl child because she wanted a boy.

A woman pushing another woman into slut hood.

A daughter in law throwing her old mother in law out of the house in the name of freedom.

A wife misusing her rights and registering a dowry case against her husband and in-laws for money.

Aren’t these crimes done by a woman?

But just because of a few such cases we cannot judge all women oppressed. Similarly, all men are not a rapist.

Do you remember the ‘MY choice’ video starring Deepika Padukone?

Where showing bra strip or cheating partner was supported in the name of it’s my choice.

In the name of feminism, you cannot say unacceptable things. If a husband cheating his wife is wrong, then why wife cheating her husband is her Choice.

Like women, men also play important roles in their life. They are a father who works overtime to earn for the family. They are protective brothers, loving husband, and caring friends. If women want men to respect for the roles they play, they should also learn to appreciate men in their lives.

There are many men who became part of feminism revolution. Even today, many men stand for women’s rights. One of the live examples is Mr. Dhawal dave. He is editor of ‘A complete woman’ which is a women-centric site and he writes blogs and articles for women empowerment.

To achieve equality there is no need to be aggressive towards men. If we want to bring change, the fight should be against the conservative thoughts. Make people realize if they are patriarchal by convincing arguments. You don’t need to run while bleeding and name it “Free bleeding.’ to prove your point.

Understand the core of feminism. It is not a fight for being a rebel without any reason or wearing tiny dresses, drinking and partying late night. It has bigger issues to stand for, such as foeticide, dowry, rape and sluthood. It is about educating women and making them financially independent. It is about making them mentally and physically strong.

So do not waste your time in finding ways to get back at men because to pro-woman you don’t need to be antiman.

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