Female Circumcision – An Epitome of Savagery

Reference Video: https://youtu.be/hOyJsXzSOSk

We all know the world where modernization dwells. We live in a land where equal rights are been given to men as well as women. Urbanisation and development have taken its place in almost every place that our can mind possibly wander. But, little do we know about a land which takes gender inequity to a very different level. Where, all sorts of progression pertaining to rendering equal rights to both genders, has denied to walk any further, or even walk at all; where despite the rest of the world walking at a supersonic speed, laws of morality stand still.

We’re talking about the land of the Samburu in Rift valley, Northern Kenya – where the key source of living and survival is cattle swooshing.  It is a dwelling where culture is considered the pinnacle of anything, even if it’s an act that defies the law. But the point is, a land which considers itself to be so richly gorgeous in cultural values, being “just” by overstepping laws almost every single day? The answer is unbelievably ironical.

What do we all do when our girls turn 10? We probably look out for good equestrian schools to make them impeccable horse riders or consider sending them for a martial art class. But unlike us, people in the Samburu tribe make their girls victim to ruthless malpractices. They circumcise them. The mere thought of it sends chills down my spine.

When a  girl of that innocent age plays carelessly with her dolls, she’s considered to be sexually active and this ritual is considered to be the commencement of good luck into marriage (undoubtedly a forced one) and later, motherhood. The ‘cut’ down there, is defined as adulthood.

Another brutal act that some girls have to go through is, be a victim to forced intercourse with Morans (warriors) who aren’t permitted to be sexually involved with a young girl who is already circumcised, hence they are on this constant look-out for girls who aren’t circumcised, to satiate their sexual cravings. And the girls cannot help but fall victim to this cruelty.

How worse can this get? There’s more to go. When a warrior desires a girl, he makes her wear beads which are gifted by him, this signifies that a moran is authorised to use her whenever he wishes to do so. And the worst part is THAT little girl can be beaded by more than one moran which shockingly is a representation of pride and superiority to her. Conversely, the beads are removed after she is circumcised; depicting that she is a ‘young woman’ and morans will not be continuing to be involved with her anymore. “Young and mature? At 10? Really?”

Enduring this barbaric act, seeing girls who are pregnant at the age of 9 or 10 is, unfortunately, a common sight.

My question is, are we still evolved is this justified in the name of culture? How long will take to be humane? Or will it ever be possible? And, what we as civilised and literate humans are doing about it? We’ve reached the moon, but parts of us are still there. Standing irrationally still? Motionless? Cold-hearted!

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