Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth, people and animals – Sonya Vajifdar

With each passing year, couture’s well documented obsession with organic French-girl style has only evolved.

When I first discovered that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, I knew that something had to change.

Our mission is to create garments in an ethical manner by paying our workers a fair wage, designing garments that are high fashion but wea


rable, and using natural fibers whenever possible.

We have launched a limited-edition, 26-piece capsule collection — including corset dresses, cocktail gowns, ruffled tops, shirt blouses and asymmetrical skirts. This collection is inspired by the French post-impressionist era, especially cubism, in stressing the structural elements latent in nature.

One of my favorite pieces is the ROSE dress which is quite literally made up of waste fabric which amounted to one hundred and fifteen roses making the skirt of this corset dress ! Materials used are: Natural dyes and recycled beads for embroidery and compost waste fabric for frills and flowers, using 100% organic cotton and organic jersey fabric.

I strongly feel that “slow” fashion is also about understanding the whole story of each garment and appreciating the joy, each carefully chosen piece brings. I am secure in knowing that all the people involved in the production of the clothes I designed, were treated robustly and with respect as well as paid fairly for their work, without being exposed to harmful chemicals. This brings a sense of empowerment to each garment.

It’s time we owned our clothes with pride, instead of our clothes owning us with guilt and insecurity.

I saw an opportunity where a collective movement of design, fashion ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice could come together to do good and can make a difference. The fashion industry is experiencing, first-hand, the detrimental impact that economic and environmental challenges are having on the source of much of it’s premium raw materials.

The current landscape is unsustainable and we must make a change. Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth – people and animals should not be harmed in the making of it.Sonya Vajifdar

As much as we love fashion we love our world with everything and everyone in it. We truly believe that one should not disclose the other. You always have a choice. Fashion can be an opportunity to share your authenticity, to express yourself when you feel good in what you wear, the world picks up on your energy and what you feel is reflected back to you.


By making sustainable and fair decisions for your wardrobe, you will contribute towards a major positive change in the fashion industry. We hope to inspire and convince people that you can do this without making concessions on hipness.


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