Dressing tips for Alpha females

Alpha females have strong dominating personality traits and if their appearance is not communicating the same traits, then it is a contradiction between clothes and the attitude. If you want to leave a lasting impression, be in sync with your inner image and dress accordingly. Being Alpha does not mean you have to dress or act masculine and Yang. An alpha female who is maintaining her womanhood is top on popularity list.  I am sharing few tips below to understand how an alpha female should dress for her personality.

Alpha Women

  • Biggest mistake any alpha female can commit is choosing her garment styles – Naturally they are inclined towards more structured garments and often end up buying clothes looking similar to Men’s clothing styles. Look for feminine versions of structured garments. For example- for your board meetings, instead of wearing your shirt, trouser and jacket, opt for nice structured top, straight pencil skirt and Jacket. Simply choosing skirt over boring manly trousers, you can maintain your feminine grace and the message conveyed through is the same.

  • Use colors for your Advantage – Colors have psychological effect and choosing right colors for your bold attitude is beneficial. Experiment with colors like Red, Orange, Black, and Fuchsia to add that oomph.

  • Alpha females wardrobe is filled with firm, medium to heavy weight fabrics, anything delicate and light weight like chiffon and georgette does not fancy them. But such fabrics can actually help to add that little softness to the whole look. Be careful with the garment silhouette while choosing such delicate fabrics.

Remember an alpha female who is maintaining her womanhood is in vogue and admired. Being an Alpha female, on the Yin -Yang continuum, your psychological traits are more Yang and you can bring it to balance by adding Yin traits in your appearance.

Picture courtesy: http://www.marieclaire.com/, http://sydumstead.tumblr.com/

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