Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines”.


“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays“. ~Søren Kierkegaard

Prayer is an answer to people who have faith in its power. When the situation seems hopeless, try the power of prayers. It is a device that is extremely potent and effective. All our logical solutions may fail to give us an answer but prayer never fails. Successful people in all fields are realizing that praying helps them to feel and perform better. It enhances our efficiency. The best of ability combined with prayers makes the process and outcome extremely satisfying. It is not old fashioned to pray. Prayer can be used to overcome any hurdles. If we work hard, think positively, are fair in our dealings and pray properly we almost always get the desired result. We have to realize that while praying we are dealing with great power. Any technique which enables you direct the flow of this power within you can be applied. One of the effective ways which can be applied is going to be discussed.

 “What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”.Mark xi.24)

ID-100293128Communicating with God (whatever your concept of God is): start to take out time everyday and start the process of communication. Take God as a form (which ever form you are comfortable with) which is with you all the time. Everyday take time out to spend with your deity alone . Talk daily about the day. Tell God about your problem and seek grace. Ask God to guide you through the problem, with the faith that God will show you the path. Remember at all times, that when God is with you, you have nothing to fear. Also make a regular practice to communicate. Do not make the process just a problem solving technique. It will not work.

Visualize with faith and intensity: Once you have communicated the problem to God start doing your bit. There may be delays in God’s regime but there are no denials. Now start visualizing the desired outcome. Let us assume that, you are going through a rough patch financially. Your business is not doing too well. Start visualizing with intensity the way you would want your business to be. Visualize a lot of orders coming, an office full of employees reporting to you. Picture in your mind a flourishing office with clients walking in and out. A successful person assumes that he is successful. By doing this you are applying the mechanism of vibrations to send the message of your intentions to the universal energy. These vibrations bring back into your life what you want. Vibrations end at the point of source.

ID-100295500Thanking God for actualizing: Start to thank God for granting what you want in life even before you have it. Thank god for all the abundance, happiness and the desired result of your problem in advance. When you acknowledge the presence of what you desire and thank God for his grace it helps you to also negate the origin of any negative thought process.

The entire process has to be followed with positive attitude and faith. Never give up on your communication and faith in God. Also if ever you do not obtain what you desire, know that God has better plans for you. You will be surprised at the miracle to get a much better deal. God helps those who help themselves so never leave any stone unturned in your actions. 

Actions and prayers have to go hand in hand.This technique can be applied to persons who do not believe in God by reposing the faith in their own self. They should know that no circumstances are bigger than ones self.

Life is much easier for believers especially when the going gets tough.

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