My Dilemma And After Effects Of Sex With Boyfriend

I am a girl who has just crossed the tender teenage and am yet not mature enough to know the dos and don’ts of Sex. Iget trapped in a vicious circle of Reputation, Love, and Fear.This is a page of my life after a party at my flat. It was my 20th Birthday party and after everyone had passed out, my boyfriend and I took to a cozy corner and had sex. I didn’t know if that was the right time for me or maybe I should say I was drunk and high.

After a month, began the after effects of it which took a coil of twists and turns that almost devastated me. I missed my periods and was even more worried. Like all introverts in India, I too was haunted by the thought of society, family, and friends.My frustrated boyfriend acted like any other chauvinist and wanted me not to bother him asking the same question “Am I pregnant?” my private part started to pain as the days passed by.

I then decided to visit a doctor as no one else seemed right to be consulted at that moment. This is the society we live in. We trust strangers for advice but family and close ones. Hypocrite is the society or hypocrite is me?

I didn’t hide anything from the doctor of a Government hospital in her area. Government hospital doctors who hardly have 10 minutes for visitors, attended to me for almost 30 to 40 minutes everyday. He confused the already confused soul in me with names of serious diseases. He wasn’t concerned really. He was a womanizer who was taking all the advantage of my situation. He made me stretch my legs and asked me to show him a view of my private part in different angles. He said “take off your denims and stretch your legs, I need to see what is happening in there”. I let him do without a fuss assuming he knew his job well. He even shared what’s app number with me and did small chats with me. That too didn’t trigger me. I must say I was really naïve. I eventually got to know his evil intentions when he began asking her personal questions aboutmy boyfriend.

I was on the verge of breaking down with doors closed from everywhere until Itook the wise decision of speaking with one of my male friends who advised me to see a lady gynecologist. I breathed a sigh of relief on discovering that I was neither pregnant nor did I have any serious disease. It was just an infection that got cured after the application of an ointment.

Had the younger generation got knowledge on Sex Education, this wouldn’t have been the consequence to me. I curse myself for not being able to judge my boyfriend and the doctor’s intentions. I should have been smart enough in this smart world.

Girls you have the instinct to understand which touch is appropriate and which isn’t. Don’t let your fear overshadow your instincts like the way I let it do.

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