The Diary of a Nymphomaniac: Movie Review

The movie revolves round the boldest topic that people often ignore to talk about. Yes, that is SEX. The movie is a beautiful representation of a woman named Valere who is lustful for sex. Released in the year 2008, this Spanish language movie is a story that shook the world with its title “The Diary of a Nymphomaniac”. The name itself reveals in detail about the movie and the story that one can anticipate.

Sex is a term which is a taboo if coincides with a woman but has a different connotation when men are to be the subject. Well, this stereo type though process has been given a landscape of twist by introducing the actor playing the protagonist in depicting the sexual freedom and liberty to choose her partner with no emotional attachment. The plot is definitely strong but misses on holding the thread to the end.

The movie starts with a bang showing how a fifteen years old girl loses her virginity with her boyfriend. She later craves to experience more of it as the first time she was wondering on her impulsive thoughts of doing something interesting. After this event in her life, she meets strangers and satisfies her addiction. The plot inspires women across the globe thatfantasizes of leading this life purely for lust. The plight of imagination of getting into such act is shattered when the movie takes a turn with the change in the emotions of Val.

Val has a train of thoughts going on after many eventful experiences in sex. With a lot of rifts she had to face the situation of being broke. She then takes to prostitution as she could live the life she always wanted, of sleeping with strangers and making money at the same time. In this phase of life, she meets many men that easily helped her quench her thirst of sex. In due course of time, she falls in love with a man named Jaime with whom she wants to get married. The desire crashes into bits and pieces when she is taken to another man for sex. That is the point she introspects and understands that being a sex worker is not an action that could help one earn dignity and love. With this change in the story, the strong and bold plot loses its essence and is tagged as any other story that is stereo type and nothing more than that.

The competent acting skills, music, direction and cinematography although are commendable, the story could have been better without the self-realization by the protagonist. She was on a spree of light spirited life with no fear of being betrayed or played with. Her grandmother too inspires her to follow her heart soon to be devastated with the feeling of heartbroken. The tunnel vision of the movie appears jarringly when Val is shown regretting the decision of being a sex worker. In her venture working for sex, she is seen being tormented physically as well emotionally and that eventually teaches her that the pleasure in being a sex worker is a myth. There can be no pleasure that can be greater than gaining respect and treated with love. A sex worker is a toy for those condescending control freak men who only know sex but love. Their show of the latter emotion is just the route to win a lady and control them the way they want. This side of the story may be true in some text but cannot be generalized.

The movie with no second though is a bold depiction of a girl who wants only sex but gets trapped in jeopardy of emotions that weakens the spirit later.

The way she is treated in the brothel by the men who came to her for sexual pleasure showed no love but lust. The strong message that sex workers are only objects of satisfaction and there can be no other relationship between a man and female sex worker has been portrayed beautifully to discourage the population who has the hidden desire of being in the clunky spot of getting laid.

People will enjoy the erotic scenes that can make anyone go weak. The emotional trauma and how she overcomes the phase is shown clearly in the end. A good watch with a message that gets unraveled through the boldness in the plot.

 Written By-Geeta Rai

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