Dhyani Dave – the International Chess Champion

In the era where women empowerment is on everybody’s mind, Dhyani Dave is one big motivation for all of us! Dhyani Dave, the international chess champion, woman international master and holder of asian and commonwealth golds! Wait! There is some more coming. The 25 years old has also got her name lettered in Limca Book Record! Wonder how she managed to do so much in such little span of time? Here is everything you need to know. All from the champ herself!

The lady opens up about how it was. “I started playing chess at the age of 6. It was quite not a planned affair. My sister was a national player and she was playing some of her last nationals as she was about to quit chess because of her 10th grade. So my mom took me along during a streak of 3 national events. During one of my sister’s games I went and started talking with her and disturbed her. My sister got furious and complained to my mother about it that I broke her concentration and she lost the game because of me. My mom decided to make me also participate in the event as I had a little knowledge of chess. I played 3 nationals at the age of 6 and won the youngest players price in all three of them. And then there was no looking back.”

We wondered what motivates this motivator! And here’s what she had to say “I want to be woman grandmaster” And that’s what keeps me going. I want to SUCCEED in life. And to me success means personal satisfaction.”

Talent, Acquired or Born?

I believe in both. One is born talented and if not, can acquire too! But I believe, one who is born talented is far superior.”

Does Perfection Exist?

We believe everyone has their own definition of perfection, we wondered what this “beauty with brain” had to say. “To me Perfection is a myth. There is always a scope for betterment. And to prove my point are the living examples, Bill Gates and Mukesh Ambani. Had there existed something as Perfection, they would have stopped working long back!”

What does she love to do in her leisure?

“Dancing” was a spontaneous response! “I am a die hard fan of Shahid Kapoor. I love to tap my feet to the tunes of “Subah Hone Na De” from the movie Desi Boys! That’s my favorite track!” Says Dhyani.

The feathers in her hat seem to be many!

“I always stood in top 10 in the nationals. At the age of 9 I won silver medal in Asian championship and then represented the country in world championship and secured a 7th position there. After that I won many medals like Asian U-14 gold , commonwealth u-12 -silver commonwealth u-16 gold. I have won about 40 state championships. I am the only Woman International Master of Gujarat. I have a limca book record on my name, under which I played simultaneous chess against 150 players. In the year 2016 I was also awarded under top 100 Woman Achievers of India by President Shree Pranab Mukherjee at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi. Apart from that I hold all the awards given my Gujarat state along with 5 awards from the central govt .

She has been invited by none other than Amir Khan himself  to play at his residence. We aamir khan playing chesswonder, who was luckier!

This MBA in Sports Management works in ADC Bank and runs her own chess academy under the name Dhyan Chess Academy.

What this soul is in her personal life?

“Wel, I am the joker of my group! I am a complete fun person! I am spontaneous and adventurous. Had I not been a chess player, I would have been a traveller.” No wonder this girl has already been to 20 countries!

Idea of a perfect date?

Like any other girl this chess champ seems to be loving a romantic dinner date. Beach, white flowers laid on a beautiful table and that is it! That’s my idea of a date!

The lady is a motivator for fellow people (especially women). She has a message for we women, “Success is a continuous process. Keep working to what leads you to your success. Sports in India has wide scope for ladies and is far more achievable. Therefore don’t stop yourself from following your passion (of Sports)!


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