Was Demonitisation Against Our Basic Ethos & Indian Culture?

It was supposed to be a business meeting. But then our philosophies started to pop up in conversations.

I have always supported Narendra Modi’s decision and thought it was a brilliant decision to dissolve the black economy. Corrupt and hypocrites had suffered the most. Adding to those, there were also those who seemed to having good intends but got dissolved with system and time.

I have never saved any money, nor has my family. Life has been on edge all the time. With us requiring to earn daily bread with fights and struggles every day. In my opinion money has been a tool to facilitate trades and exchanges. A human can’t be sure of having an asset which he/she could carry all the time, except for the wisdom he/she owns.

For every saved money also brings stagnation. People crave to be power and have limited their sense of owning only to the money. I defy.

Getting back to her. She did bring a different opinion before me. She had always learned to believe in saving. She says, “our culture has taught us to save all the time. Humans have wanted to save a lot for themselves and then pass it on to their children.” Hmm Humans have great hunger, which doesn’t satiate with a hunger of one time meal..!

Here she goes, “It is in our ethos to save and it cannot be taken away with going cashless. India has been a land of golds, diamonds and kings. Our women have been taught to wear gold because she is an avatar of Maa Laxmi, and that must be reflected in her attire. While women must save enough gold and jewelries with herself, men are responsible for owning land and properties..!”

Ok. Alright. But I have read religious books deeply. My earlier curiosity drove me to. Also asking questions to others gave me confusing answers for a same question. I decided to build my own answers and opinions, and learn through my own experiments and experiences.

No religion teaches us save extra. It’s only a sign of insecurity. Even popular Indian economist in history, Chanakya was against savings. Before he restored power in Magadh, King Nanda was infamous for his gold savings. The kind would collect gold coins from the citizens and have it all saved and buried in the remote.

Insecurity doesn’t drive one to make decisions which would benefit for all. King Nanda died in vain, assassinated by people of Chanakya. And saved gold coins were brought back in economy for rotation.

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