Dear Zindagi is it

Love you zindagi….. Love me zindagi
…. Gauri Shinde, an amazing artist who knows precisely how to represent actual life feelings with no running around the trees in love. She makes one hook up to the characters since they are all so real that one is bent to accept as true that her movies don’t always have the kind of ending we wish to see yet manages to make one smile, but that’s what one needs to discover from her movies that neither is life perfect and yet we continue to smile! Nonetheless, it is an ardent shot to make us take in that we should be the bigger person, learn to forgive, to not live in the past, to follow your dreams but to not run behind them, the importance of a family and most importantly, to learn to be happy from within!

Dear Zindagi, though a complete reverse from her other celebrated English Vinglish, takes her directorial fans to a higher level. Alia Bhatt is at her best. Her cuteness and innocent face contrasts with the bold and demanding character that she plays. Breaking the society’s code, she chooses to be what very few people do, a cinematographer. Extremely passionate about her work, all she thinks about is about her big break. But, something or the other comes in the way. A very confused character who seemed to dislike being alone, but  always choses to be so. A way to face her own fears may be!! As complicated as that sounds, that easily did she break off all her relationships. She successfully carries off the role of a commitment phobic but with style. I must add here, that women who do have similar body type as her, must definitely check out the wondrous job her stylist has done in this movie unlike the horrible job that was done on her in Shandaar!

Always running away from family and men, she is finally charmed with the wit of the Jehengir Khan played by none other than Shah Rukh Khan, a psychotherapist. She gets herself appointments with Mr.Khan and thus begins the flight of her loving her zindagi. Some of the things that unknowingly SRK says as a therapist to Kaira (Alia Bhatt) are very meaningful and deep.

Alia Bhatt’s emotional scenes zindgipng

 Her one particular scene of breakdown and the scene when she finally reveals heart out of darkness are so touchy that one who connects with movies like in a lost island will really feel moist in their eyes. The movie is certainly NOT for the people who live a bindaas life with a carefree attitude, not that’s wrong, but this movie will only set you into a phase of boredom. It is not meant for you. But for people are closely knitted with their family, or who are thin-skinned and emotional will definitely feel a connect!

The background score and the music of the movie is a tad bit weak, but as we reach closer to loving zindagi, the song ‘love you zindagi’ lifts up spirits and makes you want to fall in love with your life as well. Who apart from the women of today will be able to understand the societal pressure that a woman lives in, the mission only being to be set free and be what you want to be, feel what you want to feel… Alia Bhatt says it all- “main in sab cheezon se azaad hona chahti hu!”  How we  all wish that sometimes we want to do away with stuff that people want us to do.

The movie is less about a story, and more about Alia Bhatt and a very mature but hot looking Shah Rukh, the former being more!

Dear Zindagi feels like a drag in the first half, but the second half picks up and finally comes to the point which is one of the biggest flaws in the movie which could have an impact on the reviews the movie receives. Thus, only the people who came back to their seats after the interval will know exactly what I am talking about.

As for me, since I slip over the emotional side, the second part of the movie made me feel free from within, and left me teary, teaching me two major things I need to live a happy life; firstly, every relationship has its own wonderful essence and place and we should not expect everything from one person alone. And secondly, something very deep which becomes one of the famous lines in the movie,- ‘Don’t let the past blackmail your present into ruining a better future’.  Do crazy things like playing kabaddi with the sea, and be the complete woman that you are !

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