It is not easy to find a strong foothold in a male dominated and patriarchal society. Empowering women through any means is the need of the hour. All their handwork, sacrifices, good will has to be put forth. The woman needs to get recognition, respect for their good work. Women are excelling in every field be it- studies, household chores, offices, serving humanity or sports. There is absolutely no field to show their expertise. It’s the time for uplifting women and portrays them as strong independent women not as weak or fragile. It’s the similar kind of effort made by Bollywood fraternity to promote women empowerment through the films. Several directors are using their enormous clout to attempt to drive change in India. Women are the future of this society. They are the creators and destructors of society. Many films are trying to improve the condition of women, promote education, stop all the malpractices against them and finally stories are being made on their bravery, hard work, and their achievements. One such movie is DANGAL.

DANGAL, an incredible movie based on real life journey of the Phogat sisters – the brave warriors and fighters. The movie showed how blood, sweat and tears make champions. Dangal works on twin parameters: one is to promote wrestling as a popular sport and the second is girls being equal of boys and excelling in a sport only meant for boys.

Mahavir Phogat is an amateur wrestler who was forced to give up wrestling due to family problems. He is shown as a disappointing father who wanted a son to carry his legacy forward. He soon realizes the fighting spirit in his daughters when they beat two boys in response to some derogatory comments. It is the moment of realization that women are not only meant for household chores. In the beginning his teaching methods seem harsh but soon they realize that their father wants them to have a future rather that grow up to be stereotypical housewives. A girl needs only a push, encouragement and support to fulfill her dreams.

When Geeta Phogat begins her life as a wrestler she is barred by many men who found her weak and even gives her chance to choose her opposing partner. When she chooses the strongest contender it shows how she conquered the biggest hurdle in someone’s path that is FEAR. She defeats all her Opponents fearlessly. The similar way her younger sister Babita Phogat also becomes a good wrestler. Both the sisters reach the national institute for the commonwealth games. They become so well versed in their games that despite of their father’s absence she tactfully wins the last round and becomes the first Indian women wrestler who won

gold. In the end it is revealed that the younger sister also won a silver medal in common wealth games.

The biggest blockbuster of industry is not just a film but it’s a call for action for change. The first message is of protecting and nurturing girl child. Let us all be proud to give birth to a girl. Let her be the heiress to your family. The second message is importance of discipline. The film is an eye-opener for all those who feel girls are a burden. They are the flag bearers of our country. Don’t crumple their wings, let them fly, set them free and they will make the nation proud. Ignite a flame in yourself and set a target and work hard to achieve this.

“Fighting is not physical

Fighting is spiritual

It’s the determination

 And the will in the person” Mike Tyson

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