handicrafts of Gujarat – Story of Mansi Soni

When we talk about handicraft, Kutchh region of gujarat is famous for its handicrafts.

Women entrepreneur : It takes courage to move away from what you actually want to be to what you ought to be! These days, it might not be wrong to say that women indeed are the sons of their families.  Be it carrying forward the family name or a family business, we women take it up like there never was a problem. Why was this ever an issue anyways?

Gone are the days when girls should while time  in thinking n times before making a career choice only trying to consider what the safest option was so that our would be in laws and husband would be at peace and the house will also be well managed. Now is the time when we girls get to put our foot down and make a choice that indeed makes us happy, and we try to find a partner who will understand how important our families and choices are to us!

When I ponder more, I remember a very lively girl, Mansi Soni, who I once met in the town of Bhujodi, Gujarat who is taking forward her father’s handicraft business even though a literate M.com today! With numbers on her finger tips and with full knowledge in the field of accounts, this young babe travels across the country, cracking deals of all the beautiful things that she designs for her business. Be it an exhibition or a corporate, she is there making big sales impressing people not only from India but even visitors who are travellers in our nation. 

The season of summer is their season so busy; in true terms, they are sweating their way off to make a mark in this industry. The 24 year old Mansi J Soni, a resident of Bhujodi is one with a storm of ideas! Running by herself this handicraft business, she controls under her 50 employees! Fear is her best friends, and thus there never is a clash between the two. By herself, she is standing hours together at exhibitions explaining every portion of handicraft to every buyer. None who goes to her shop returns with an unsatisfied explanation to each of her piece of her! She and her hardworking team are an inspiration!


She is someone who every young girl, entering her age of making her career must look up to! Always with a sweet smile on her face and with only her well designed dresses adorned around her, she is walking upwards crossing many hurdles that are coming her way! Nothing can stop Mansi; the hot waves that hit her face in the summers, the falling apart of her father’s well set business nor the sleepless nights she covers under the tables and tents of exhibitions. Hailing from a family of concern and humility, she carries forward everything her parents have taught her and is the biggest idol of her younger sister.

Mansi Soni loves designing ethnic attires of Gujarat called Chaniya Choli’s and also now is setting a trend of Indo-Western attires that women can flaunt over jeans. The greatest speciality of Classic Handicraft is that every cloth that is sold from her company is called Bharat Kaam, which means, the embroidery work on it is all hand done and not machine made. it takes a lot of effort and time to get such things made and yet no one has ever picked a finger!

Mansi remembers learning this art from her mother who used to stay up every night for twenty five years personally involving herself in Bharat Kaam teaching the same to Mansi. Until her daughter finally took up this technique and business from her hands, Mrs. Soni was also exceptional at her work.

She also has a variety of handbags of various sizes and needs to offer from her collection as she loves designing them. The bags that she designs are either of pure leather decked with hand embroidery and mirror work or cloth bags with similar work comfortable for college students to carry and show-off!

On a personal level, Mansi loves to collect pieces of handicraft and embroidery from various parts of the cities across pan India! She keeps these pieces for herself as an inspiration and never plans to sell those off. In a world, where women are still not an equal, Mansi is sitting amongst her workers explaining and giving life to her designs. Very soon, with the help of government funding she plans to take her business forward overseas to Gulf countries. Her parents are nothing but proud of her, she is a blend of an Indian girl giving birth to novelty to her family and town!


Mansi Soni, aims to make the handicraft of Gujarat popular across the globe and wishes to bring to fame the state as well as wishes to spread the message that no form of lacking in any form can stop one from reaching where they belong! 

As a passionate woman myself, and from the entire team of many such like me on TheCompleteWoman, we wish Mansi Soni our best and hope her dreams are fulfilled and she takes her work to an elevated level. On the other hand, if you are a fan of ethnic clothes, or are in a situation to help her grow in your city or offices, then feel free to contact Mansi on 9586762125 !

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