Cinderella could have stayed home ..But..

“Cinderella could have stayed home
And written notes about an imagined ball
And invented the characters
Maybe worn velvet slippers in deep crimson
Rather than leaving a glass slipper behind
Such a wannabe, I think
Although as a little girl when I read her story
I cheered and clapped when the prince found her
So, in my late thirties I think little girls
Should not read such fairytales
Where a prince finds a girl
With a slipper in hand
Or a toad becomes a prince
I touched many toads
They squirmed and looked at me with disbelief
They scurried away
The moral is that a toad is a toad
Metamorphosis is personal
Rather little girls should read about Alice
Who believed in six impossible things before breakfast
Slays the demon bird
And exits the Wonderland
Drink up the darkness as Cohen says
And write notes to self
Sit in the window
Make up people
Play, play
Until you can dismantle the frame itself
All of this world is like a
Paper Thin Hotel in that Cohen song
Voyeuristic and unhinged in its despair
Listen to it
But freedom comes at a cost
Choose wisely”

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