Check out this crazy bucket list and don’t forget to share your weird ways to amaze life.

Before you turn into a “Grown-up nerd”, don’t miss out these things to live while in your 20’s club.  Like
they say Live your life because this moment gone shall never return. Check out this crazy bucket list and don’t forget to share your weird ways to amaze your life. It may inspire people out there!!

 Slayy girl slayyy:

Take yourself out on a date! Slip into your favourite dress & heels and roam around your city. Feed yourself yummy FOOD and be in your own company. As you grow it is very important to be there for yourself. People may not be there for you always. And that’s okay. Learn this grown up skill while in the 20’s club!!


Create your space

Find your ME time form the clutter of everyone and everything. Just YOU+terrace+coffee!! Who needs anything else? Right ladies!!After all you are still in the 20’s club.

Laugh at your own jokes

Sounds damn funny right? Big deal. If you laugh at your own joke, then you are nothing but original. Bravo girl, you owe it to the 20’s club.

Choose your DREAM

Time to work on elevating your DREAM and follow it. PLAN.WORK.ACCOMPLISH!! Keep trying  until you reach your goal. Club’s 20’s is about never giving up and enjoying the fruits before 30’s!

Go pagal in public

Be weird. Be crazy and that’s how you make memories for when you turn 50. There needs to be something to reminisce about. We wired our life with “Log kya kahengey” but to be honest screw people. Just do what makes you happy and content. Here’s something for your 20’s club.
ME: That’s simple!
LIFE: Most things are.

Try some different things

Groove your body to the crazy beats, read beyond your genre, learn a new language, play some instrument or how about joining Travel Café. There’s so much in this vivid life where you can explore the infinite heights. It’s going to make your 20’s club life and make it grand.

Travel the unknown options

You need to explore not only known and famous places but the UNKNOWN ones!! Or else just pick your favourite city and explore it online! Sounds weird but it’s in budget;) This has been suggested by Shivya Nath famous travel blogger.

Don’t miss out to watch Top IMDB movies!!

Eat. Pray. Love, How to be single, queen and divergent are few of the most amazing movies that will let you feel at your best when in the club 20’s!

Buckle up your seat belt and be ready to live the bumpy ride!!

Show the grace of your face,Be crazy as hell,Own your mess,Be clown in place, Groove to the beats, Be the unknown peace, Grow your skill, Let your smile kill the frown.

Paint your life with all colour pens,

Write your story, as you own your game Because life’s changing its hair colour! CELEBRATE LIFE!!

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