We can’t expect too much from the society. So let’s be our own strength!- RJ Deepika

What can be better than celebrating the success story of a woman who reaches a thousand people by just her voice? Peppy and grounded RJ Deepika has won a number of hearts with her sprightly and appealing voice. That said, what is RJ Deepika like outside the radio station? Here’s RJ Deepika up close and personal!

We have all heard the very crisp and sorted RJ Deepika on theradio; what is Deepika like at home?

Well, generally I am a very homely person. I love being at home, cooking, spending time with family. Having my ‘Me’ time is a great treasure. To me, Home is Peace! (And she lets out her oh-so-charming smile!)

What inspired you to lend your voice to the radio? Is it what you had always planned?

No, it was what I had planned, it just happened to me. I was fascinated towards Radio Jockeys. I was a regular listener of the radio. This drew me closer to Radio and has become a Passion today.

The people of Nagpur listen to your very chirpy voice every day. You have won athousand hearts and have created a huge fan base. How does that make you feel?

Of course, it’s a great feeling to be loved and cherished by so many people. And that’s the beauty of this profession! Every time a listener calls me up and praises my work, it becomes one of the most fulfilling moment for me. Making someone happy and helping them feel better is life’s most satisfying feeling for me.

 What is itabout your job that you love the most?

People, I love being on Radio for them.

 Does being a woman limit you from doing or achieving in life?

No, In fact, I think being a woman means to push yourself hard to prove your worth. Sadly, we live in a male-dominated society. It’s the truth! People are changing but it’s a process that will take time. Women still have to face a lot of discrimination everywhere. And this makes us put our best efforts to show the real potential.

Are you happy with where you are in life right now or is there a ‘Plan Next’? What is your long-term goal?

Yes, I am totally content with what I have today and I am grateful for it every day. I live in the present. You may plan your future, but it has never worked for me. Everytime I have planned something it has gone the other way round. So, for me, planning doesn’t work greatly.

Tell us something about you that not many people know.

I am an introvert by Nature. I speak rarely if it is not about work. I am in a totally opposite job. Very few people who are close to me know this side of me.

We are celebrating Woman’s Day week in March. What would you like to convey to the women and the men following your success story today?

All I want to say to all the women is that we can’t expect too much from the society. So let’s be our own strength. Let’s be the new face of our society. And before complaining to the men, Let us learn to support each other.To the men I say, your presence in our life means a lot. So, let us feel the same. Make every day of your woman’s life as special as Woman’s Day.

           Speaking to Deepika and not RJ Deepika was a pleasure. This woman is of very few words but is with bundles of talent and is set to take her fans by storm today, and every day! Here’s wishing her a fantabulous Woman’s Day!

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