Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Online shopping is indeed a boon to the people who dislike going for shopping to markets. It gives younumerous options with facility of easy delivery and hassle free returns. The best part is you can get a cash refund in your bank account which does not happen at a retail outlet. Almost everything from household items to luxury products can be bought online. The list is unending.

To lure more people to buy, Offers and discounts are available almost all round the year. And guess what, even a five year old must have heard someone saying ‘Buy 1 get 1 hai’.  I remember my husband buying 5 extra useless sweaters last winter since an offer was available.

What exactly is buy 1 get 1???For a buyer – you buy one item and get the item with the lesser MRP free along with it. For a seller – The underline motive is to increase the sales, and in-turn revenues of the firm, also get rid of the items which are not getting sold otherwise.

In my view, It’s a synonym of impulsive buying. I am sure all of us can recall an instance when we did not need a new shirt or pair of jeans, but just because we saw a notification of an offer, you went ahead with the purchase.It is human psychology, which gets attracted to free things. We often fail to do a comparison with the prices available in the market.

Many times, we even tend to stock up unnecessary and useless items in ourcart just because we find that a shipping charge will be applicable since the order value is less then Rs. 499. Now the catch is our cart has a buffer of only 50 rs. And the portal has products starting from 300!!!

Small little ways can help prevent the above:

  1. Budgeting: Having a budget for shopping needs can help keep a check.
  2. Pen down your need: List the things you are I need of in your phone or a note pad. This will help in saving on buying needless stuff.
  3. Online shopping apps: Delete any such kind of notifications from that smart phone also minimize or avoid download unnecessary online shopping apps.
  4. Practice self-control: Promise yourself that you will save an amount this month and not spend the same just because an offer is available.
  5. Avoid plastic money: Always opt for COD, if an item is purchased by way of net banking or credit card, we do not face the pinch of giving hard cash to another person. It will definitely make a change if you see your cash exchanging hands.

After all it’s your hard earned money and you have to decide how you wish to spend it. ‘Choose wisely’ is all I have to say.

Written By-Rachita Mitna

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