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It is in our generation to be more comfortable having male best friends than females. Actually, it is true. At one point we all tend to feel the freedom when with male besties as you get to do all the cool and fun things that you mostly cannot with the girls. But then, when you come to think of it, it is indeed a bliss to have a female bff who I can bet is always available at your beck and call. My bestie is without a doubt the sweetest! There never goes one call unanswered because she lives with the concern that I, the crazily emotional one, might be in the kind of distress that no one else can handle.

We live in two far off cities, and sadly do not get to meet so often. But thanks to all the technology, we are connected 24/7, except for the times she is asleep. (Man she sleeps like there is no tomorrow!)

I have always gelled along better with my guy friends, it has just been simpler without all the jealousies of better achievements and clothes. Many who read this might agree. But then you find your one soul sister, with whom all such feelings are alienated. There is no sign of envy and all you want is to be together in all moments of happiness and sadness and want for her to become a big time achiever.

 When I sat there, waving her off when she left once again with the hope of meeting back soon, I began thinking about all the perks of having a female best friend. It took me back to all the moments  spend with her, and all the moments when I ve actually felt her presence in my life as a blessing. Some of my reasons may sound crazy, but come on; we are girls! Some things are important without a reason.

1) You will never be in the panic to contemplate what to wear for any occasion for more than ten minutes- You have to be at an important place and your head has been of no help to decide what to wear. Be it a job interview, a friend you are meeting after days, a marriage of a friend you are not so close to but still want to make your presence felt or a date; she will surely have ideas for it all. It’s funny you get ideas for her and she for you, but then that’s just the equation you need to make this friendship work! In my case it was a dignified event, and she went shopping with me through whatsapp. Her approval and disapproval was with me after the pictures I sent to her after every trial; oh how I love this adrenalin rush! Throw your wardrobe on the bed, and she will help you pick the most amazing thing for you.


2) You will always know who to go on trips with- After all we are in India, and getting permissions to do things you want to before you are married is a difficult task no matter how modern the family is. You still always have to inform who you are going with! But then you have this soul sister of yours. The name comes out in a jippy, and mostly it is true! Why  would you not want to have her around? you can do all the crazy things, without feeling judged, no matter what you do, wear or who you flirt with!

3) You can ransack her cupboard if you are in the same city- If there is something of hers that you really like, then no one can stop you from using it once! Just barge in, open the cupboard, flip it, and walk away ! No questions asked ! There are very few who you can do that with! Rather, you can even trust her to go shopping on your behalf and pick things out for you if you are not in the situation to.

4) You can call/meet and cry your heart out- There are times when men run out of their emotional quotient, girls don’t! She will never bear a tear in your eye and will be ever ready to kick the person who made you cry! She will sit there and listen to the entire emotional drama that you have to get off your chest and she will be the most patient listener ever. Even at 2 AM, there will be no complaints! Whether you had a fight at home, your boss tried to put you down in front of people or your boyfriend has just not been good to you; she will have the best things to say to stop the flow of running water from your eyes !


5) Gossips- From bollywood to your enemies attires, you can talk about anything underneath the sun, and sometimes even beyond that! You for sure cannot do that with a guy because the macho part of him kicks in soon, and he will be imagining your enemy in the dress she is wearing rather than becoming a part of it in criticising her for being unreasonably mean to you ( or so you seem when you hate a girl!)

6) No chances of Dating- The most important and vital thing about having a girl bff is that you never have to worry about being hit on every time a guy has had a break up or a tough time with the girls. You will never be zeroed down as the last option and never will you have to live in the worry that some day, he will have another girl n your life who could also be the new enemy coming in your way!!

So you see, this definitely seems like the better option to have a bestie! What do you think? Do you agree ?

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