‘Begum Jaan’- Movie review: Melodrama ate Vidya and Gauahar’s talent

Vidya Balan is one of the finest actresses of Bollywood. But does ‘Begum Jaan’ proves to be the comeback Vidya need?

Let’s have a look at the review.

The movie ‘Begum Jann’ starts in present, Delhi. A woman is being violated by some drunkard who thrashed her male friend. The woman somehow flings and comes across an old and devoid woman who becomes her shield. Thugs reach both the females and ask the older one to leave and let them have the girl. Now, this is an altering moment. The old woman strips herself and attention shifts to boys who seeing this start puking.

This is a quite powerful scene but make the audience wonder what the director actually wants to say??

What I think is this scene makes us realize that women have to assail the capacity of their body to face molestation.

 After this, the movie takes you back to 70’s during Indo-Pak partition. It is a bleak time in Indian history stained with brutality and blood.

The preface is narrated in the voice of Mr. Amitabh Bachan who tells how Cyril Radcliffe draws a line and splits one country into two parts. This makes about 80 lakh people homeless.  Two men Ilias (played by Rajit Kapoor) and Shrivastav (played by Ashish Vidyarthi) were given the charge to draw lines on the ground. Both the men were once good friends, but now resentment has overtaken their friendship. The movie now introduces Begum Jann (Vidya Balan) who runs a Kotha- a place where sex workers live. The brothel is her kingdom.

The lines of partitions cut’s through Begum’s brothel and she is ordered to vacate the place along with her girls.

Began Jann’s story now revolves around Begum and her girls who refuse to leave their kingdom and stands against the cruel politics.

The movie has a strong subject. Vidya Balan is no doubt the soul performer. She dives into her character and gives her best. Chunky Pandey ( Playing the role of contract killer) and Gauahar Khan (One of the sex worker) leaves their mark in audiences mind with their effective performance. Many dialogues in the movie said by the sole character Begum will make you clap.

But where the movie lags behind is its poor direction. There is lots of melodrama. The plot seems to lose itself and fails to move or involve the audience. Every character in the movie suffers from the sudden release of emotions. There are back stories of multiple characters that create a chaos and leaves the movie scattered. There are constant swearing and violence.  The anger and arrogance of Begum in the movie for every male many times fails to connect as there is no vague story proving her hatred. Because of the preoccupied drama, the movie neglects its soul. The movie carries empty feminism and lacks intelligent motive. The climax of the movie has been elaborated but seems valueless. The scene where women blindly fire uphold the movie ill-defined and Begum flimsy.

If you are a fan of Vidya Balan or Gauahar Khan you may watch the movie. However, this movie proves itself a waste of their talent.

The complete women will give only 2 out of 3 stars to ‘Begum Jann’.

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