Bash Tards

If my last few articles have been followed, you will observe that I have begun picking on minute issues and stories; my only intention behind those are for awareness at least amongst the educated class and because I want the world to know that there is still a class of people in our oh-so-modern country who chose to live like Bash Tards! Which brings me to my self-made definition of my self-made word. I have combines two words, Bash meaning to beat up and tards from the abuse bastards because that is how serious and inhuman the issue I am going to relate is! Not so long ago I narrated a melancholic tale of domestic violence, and just 4 days later I am hit by another inhuman and disgusting story of another woman from one such illiterate class. This is what is maddening me!

Prerna (name changed), a young married girl if I may say because her age is far less for what she is being put through in life! A few years later, as is the society of their village, she was married off to a man in the city. Belonging to the illiterate class, and being married to a family who lacked a man who could fulfil requirements for the entire family, she had to begin working as a maid in houses and offices. I beg to not be judged, I am all for a working woman, I am one myself, but this story will unveil questions that I can so well associate with my preceding statement. Time moved on for Prerna and her family, and soon began the lectures for – it if your duty to give us a child nonsense! Motherhood and having a child is a privilege, how on this earth can it be called a DUTY? The work we do is our duty, to keep a happy environment at home might be a duty for some, but giving birth to a child is not over my dead body a duty! It is solely the goodness and gift of God that comes with so many feelings of love!


Prerna succumbed under the duty trap; I am well aware of the fact that succumb is a strong word we usually use for death caused by injury, but when a person is dead on the inside, I don’t see a reason why I must not use the word. With a lot of complications, she conceived, but due to the conditions at home, not much could be provided to her. She fought through and made it nine months. It is already enough what the body is put through during pregnancy, but when it has to go through complications, the pain becomes inexplicable! Yet, she never gave up and went ahead with childbirth. Sadly to her misery, her little twins, yes twins, were born without two organs in the body. As was God’s plan, they gave the woman some moments of smile with them in her hand and left her in solitude back into the real world. Even the little time that they lived, all they got was love from their mother and from no one else in the family. Might I ask, did Prerna’s mother in law check if the organs of her baby were alright when she was carrying that the children were abandoned with her in the hospital? And if she did do that, she did not do a very good job, because she gave birth to a son with a heart that only beats and a brain without a mind!
With no sympathy for Prerna, and with no word of compassion for what a mother had to go through, she was brought back home only to be put through more pressure to conceive again. Do I fail to understand how one woman can do that to another? Educated or not, this is merely common sense that it was too soon for anything as such. With several check-ups with the doctor, it was declared that Prerna does not have a healthy uterus to carry another child, and if she did, they would be born with abnormalities with a short life span! This changed everything!

As it happens in these class of people, Prerna was told to leave home and that they did not want her back in their home as she could not take their family ahead. Now here I ask, the man of the house could not earn enough (man because of the thoughts they come from) and is unable to provide the family with necessities, and yet was accepted in the family, why was she thrown out of the house for not being able to provide a child?

What happens next, has jolted my belief in one of the purest relationships that exist, Motherhood! When Prerna went back home to her mother hoping for a lap to put her head on, she was thrown out of there too, saying, that married woman is to never come back home no matter what and that divorce was out of the question. The mother dared to say, that even if they choose to kill their daughter and she dies giving birth it is her destiny and so should go back! Flabbergasted with her life, she came back to the city, with nowhere to stay and no shoulder to cry on, today Prerna works as a maid at a school still wondering what she should do!

I have no answer to what Prerna will choose to do, she does not know it herself, but I only hope she takes the decision that sets her aside from the evil she has come from and chooses to live independently. All I know is that my finger shivered with every word I typed, and am in a state of shock knowing the plight of some women in our country even today! I will also do the best I can if she chooses to go independent far away from the bash Tards and shall make her example count in our community! But above all the pain, being disowned by her mother has welled up every cell in my body, and I am unable to undo the moist in my eyes!

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