Badass &Bindaas are you? Check out these 7 traits!

Mostly, the Badass-Bindaas type of females is rare to find and hard to keep. And if you’re one of them, then kudos to you chic!!For starters, such girls are the most sorted. They mostly know exactly what they want and know how to handle situations. I personally believe that they have a heart of gold with a pragmatic mind. Life is about creating and living moments!!

The Bindaas & Badass feed on exploring, chasing and pursuing things that furnish them eternal happiness. People who set themselves free from attachments and create their own world with less drama make the most of this opportunity called LIFE!! Here are 7 signs of unique traits which make them see this world differently and make sure they are happy no matter what!

1.) You don’t regret anything in life! 

No matter how messed up your life is, but you are the souls who don’t give a damn about anything!! Done is done!! Even if you make stupid decisions in life and end up screwed, it ain’t a BIG DEAL for you!! Turns out, you can laugh at your own mistakes!

2.) You straight forward

You are an agony-aunt to the people. It is because you are carefree, people feel find comfort in confiding in you. Your straight forward answers, no matter funny or brutally honest, is exactly what people want! You would also not turn your back to anyone no matter what!


3.) Your synonym is FREEDOM!

YASSSSSSSS!! You are free like a bird. You love to fly and hate the people who hinder your flight!! You are your only property. You don’t seek any advice, you take your own decisions! Chin up lady, you’re doing amazing!

4.) You often fail to show your emotions :

Even if you’re cool and an extrovert, you often find it hard to spell out your heart. If someone says I LOVE YOU, you might end up sitting still. Likewise, for many such emotional moments, you are left reaction-less no matter how much you love that person!

5.) You forgive people easily:
That’s your super power to FORGIVE & FORGET! You take life as a roller coaster ride. You strongly agree that everyone in your life is to fulfill certain duties and GRUDGE is so not your thing. Your thing is, MOVE ON, the next adventure is waiting!!

6.) You live to the fullest, even in little things!
Simple and little things make you happy. Just a small phone conversation with your best friend, eating panipuri on the roadside or watching your favorite series. You mostly look like the happiest person and love your life with all your HEART!

7.) You never PLAN. Just DARE to DO it!
Even though people around keep yelling at you, but you are like…huhh I don’t care!! Let’s take a risk by not planning anything…Let’s Dare it and win it!!

If you have these Badass & Bindaas awesome qualities, you’re going to heaven lady! Just live it ALL!!

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