Are you ready for the finals?

    final As we listen to the phrase ‘Final Exam’s, it thumps our heart out loud, even though most of us are many years past our final exam phase. Having crossed the hurdle of examinations is not enough until you have had your children finish them! Here we are with the locking tic-ticking to March. With hardly a few days left for the finals, all you mothers must be sweating it out more than you do in the kitchen or at the gym.

The mantra for your child to not stress out is, you don’t stress out. I understand you mothers are always on the edge with them not finishing up their notes or syllabus or completing their test papers; it is all a big pile of mess. Here are some quick tips for you to stay relaxed yourself during your kids exams.

  1. Meditate as soon as you wake up: If you are already in the practice of it, excellent, but if not, this could be a relaxing way to begin before shaking your child alive from his stressed sleep. This will help you stay calm with your child the entire day without flipping out for the wrong reasons.
  1. Avoid the use of Junk Food: Children are likely to not understand the difference in their eating habits, but we do. It is hard to keep them away from junk food but I am sure that we can inculcate some of these at home so as to avoid eating outside and falling sick. A lot of such stuff can be made at home in healthier ways. At least we know for sure that you are cooing it with utmost safety. Try making sandwiches at home using whole wheat breads along with mayonnaise and vegetable. Custards can be made with lots of fruits in it, etc.
  1. All work and no play makes Jack A Dull Boy: To tie down your child only to books all day is incorrect. Allow fifteen minutes breaks in minimum two hours( depending on the standard and syllabus). Push the child to go out and play in the fresh air with some friends for at least half an hour a day. If not, you can always take him/her out for at least half an hour and also get some fresh soup or something nice and warm to eat once in a while.
  1. Set a target: A target helps the child to remember the expectations that he is put through and so it is beneficial to inform before-hand about what grades you expect your child to have. Keep reminding them about what exactly you want out of them and stick to it yourself. Do ot over pressurise to attain more than what you have set for them.   final exam
  2. Put up flashcards: Use the common places such as the wardrobe, the side wall of the bed etc to paste flashcards of various important topics that your child tends to forget. The more the eyes flash on those cards, the more he reads it and thus it stays somewhere in the sub-conscious mind.
  1. Take your child out on an outing at least once every week or 10 days: To maintain the mind in balance, it is necessary to keep taking them out every once in a while. Not to places that will occupy a lot of time but at last Sunday evenings, for a relaxing movie, a garden, vegetable shopping or just to loaf around at the mall. This will help rejuvenate their brains to accept more information.
  1. Stop taking the load yourself: Making the children independent during exams. Make them correct their own revision sheets, to check with their own notebooks, to check their own spellings using a dictionary, to make changes in their mistakes and re do the wrong answers again. This will help the child know that you trust in him and so he will feel the need to make you feel prouder with every passing work that you assign.
  1. Follow a timetable: To make sure that all necessary syllabus is completed in time, make a timetable for your child to follow so that in your absence he does not feel lost. They know exactly what has to be done and this will play a role in making your child independent.    final exam

These are very simple things that you could do to help yourself to help with all the exam pressure. Make sure to reward post the examinations no matter what and then set new targets for the next year. It’s the tough two months mommies… Good Luck!

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