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   We are not new to the fact that we are a democratic country, but by we, I only mean we Indians! The females of the country are still fighting to get a place in the community. It is a big race every day of our life that we try to prove we are of equal worth; as a matter of fact this race is not just between men and women but also amongst the women making in the same company.

All said and done, no matter what kind of an institute, there always seems to be an issue with the genders even after having reached this far in the 21st century. Issues such as marriage and maternity become reasons for raised eyebrows in every interview. Have you every thought about the fact that when men apply for a job,  the age on their CV has got no reason for worry; but a woman of 25, and there bonces the question, marriage plans? A woman of 30, there’s another bouncer, plans for a family?

I really want to ask, why? Yes the questions may not change the fact of the society that women to move away after marriage and life does change after a child, but if the woman has worked equally hard as any man has for that post, why can’t they just get the job and then a reference for later when she moves? If it is such a common thing as breathing for so many, then why can there be no solution to it apart from just rejections? Don’t women need to gather some work experience marriage or not? Don’t pregnant women work efficiently?   

I recently visited a company which asked me to sign a two year long bond only because they wanted to secure the post for two years; I can reason out the fact that it does cause inconvenience when someone jut quits mid-way, but don’t men quit mid-way for better opportunities too.  It might be possible that the woman may find a job in the same city with a supportive family! Likewise, there is a facility of maternity leaves with every company, she is with all her rights and dignity allowed to join back work, rather than celebrating the joy of someone who is working for you, you make her feel bad for her wanting to have a child? Let me be clear, I have seen a lot of change in the Indian society and these facilities are being provided to many; but there are still a chunk of companies who are not!

Off-late, I have come across many successful women who have jobs that send them out of town once in a while, they also involve late working hours, promotions etc. Yet I also come across another set of women, who were being bugged at work with flirty male colleagues, my questions again, WHY? If your office your only dating pool that you cannot look outside, or you need to get a women colleague involved with you to make work in office easier for you. Sometimes they smartly put women in situations that no matter what, she is the one in question; if you report that moment then you get a –‘ oh come on! You are mature enough to handle such common things!’; and if you wait a little longer-‘It is your fault for letting it go so far without bringing it to our notice’. My point is not to fire someone, my point is neither is it harassment; but why can’t some people understand, that some women are as ambitious as some men are, and they should be allowed to work without wasting their ten minutes a day trying to think of a way to avoid you!

My only point here is, either make flirting an entertaining task for both the parties to a casual extent without making the girl sound like an easy catch amongst your other male friends, or don’t indulge in it at work to make it difficult for her to talk to any other male colleague at that place. There is no harm in there being a healthy work environment for women as well as for men. I think questions of age, marriage and maternity should be out casted in interviews unless extreme necessity. It is fair for the company to have terms and conditions (fair ones), but it is unnecessary to make the women feel unwanted or unfit for the job, because in that case all you want from a woman is to work from 24 to 25, then again from 26 to 29. Rather, can’t it be made as easy as it is for the males, with some leaves for them post a child so that the mother can settle back to work? To come to think of it, it is only fair! After all, it requires two of them to get married and two of them or more to take care of a child!

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