Does anybody care where is Budhiya Singh now

Do you remember Budhiya Singh? He came into limelight in 2006. On 2nd May 2006, he ran a marathon from Bhubaneshwar to Puri. In 7 hours and 2 minutes, he covered 65kms. What shocked everyone was that at that time he was just 4 years old. This was a big achievement and in the same year, his name got recorded in Limca book of world records as the youngest marathon runner in the world.

Limelight faded after a few days. Little Budhiya who once showed the potential to win the Olympics for India in the near future, is lost in anonymity.

What happened?

Do anyone even care to know??

Budhiya Singh was born in 2002. Poverty compelled her mother to sell her child to a salesman. But because of the ill treatment of the salesman, his mother somehow sought out Birachi Das (murdered in 2008). Birachi Das who was an orphanage operator as well as a judo coach and who later on became Budhiya’s coach paid the salesman his money and rescued Budhiya.

Once when Budhiya was caught doing some mischief, Birachi Das punished him to keeping running until he asks him to stop. After this Birachi Das forgot about the punishment and Budhiya kept on running for 5 hours. A medical checkup showed that Budhiya was fine and his heart was normal, even after running for 5 hours.

Thus, accidently Birachi Das discovered the hidden talent of Budhiya and started training him. After that Budhiya ran in 50 marathons. Also, Budhiya got a few commercial ads.

But On 4th January 2006 Indian Child Welfare alleged Birachi Das for exploiting Budhiya and leeching his fame for his personal financial gains. He was also alleged of enforcing hard training on 4-year-old Budhiya.

Budhiya was barred from running a marathon and he was sent to sports hostel. In school, there was a routine, including studies, homework, and training.  Here he was, living an ordinary life as other 150 children in his hostel. He got 1 to 2 hours of daily training and was assigned a new coach.

In 2015 a sports journalist Sambit Mohapatra said that Budhiya’s future doesn’t seem promising. He can’t even run a few kilometers anymore. Also, he added that Budhiya needed specialized coaching and food, with which he won’t be supplied in sports hostel.

Well, his coach Rupanita Panda spoke nothing about this stating that he was barred from saying anything about him by the government.

Budhiya again came into limelight when a documentary  ‘Budhiya Singh- Born’ to run was released in 2016. This movie was made on Budhiya’s life. Manoj Bajpai performed the character or his coach Birachi Das. The film won national award for the best children’s film.

Budhiya participated in the promotion of the movie and shared his experience about his hostel life, training, and late Birachi Das.

Budhiya was not happy with the diet and training in the hostel. He admitted he missed Birachi Das, his training, and his freedom. According to him, Birachi Das was a good coach. He nurtured him and was very nice to him. He believed whatever Birachi was doing was good for him. He showed a strong determination to run long distances and said that he was a born runner and he can still run for hours without getting tired.

In the same year, July there was a news that Budhiya was missing from the hostel. Soon the government of Odisha confirmed that Budhiya is not missing but had gone to meet his mother and will return to the hostel in a few days. The government also added that if Budhiya does not want to stay in the hostel he can go where ever he wants.

However, Budhiya through a written communication to Child welfare Committee stated that he do not wish to return to the hostel until and unless he is given basic infrastructure and facilities that are needed for his training.

Last news we have about  Budhiya Singh is that her sister said she has gone to live with one of the relatives.

The questions that remained unanswered are..

Where is Budhiya Singh Now??

 What made Budhiya leave the hostel and quit running??

 Does Budhiya’s dream to win Olympics for his country became the prey of politics or internal fights or failed government policies or improper guidance and training???

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