An Achiever: Indu Gupta Story

Being in the limelight brings fame. But what gets you an achiever is your scrap for your identity,  self-respect and your desperation to live your dream.

This article is about Indu Gupta- A fighter and a writer

Indu Gupta was born in an orthodox family where parents dream to marry their daughter at a small age. But Indu Gupta wanted to clear civil service exam and prove her worth.  She refused to marry at a small age. She graduated and joined Rajasthan university as an administrator. The same year she cleared written-exam for RAS. But now her family was not ready to keep her anymore and were persuading her to marry. She wished if she could find a husband who will support her. Her wish came true when she met her would-be husband who promised her to support with the job and preparation for civil services.

But that was just a quirk.

After a few months of marriage, Indu Gupta was forced to leave her job saying that she should give her time to the family. Once she is adjusted she could continue. Indu was humiliated by in-laws and was treated as a free maid. She was taunted for not bringing enough dowry. She bore everything for her husband’s love.

After a year, Indu became a mother and her husband made a full stop to her career, saying a mother’s duty is just to take care of her child.

Indu was longing for her husband’s support, but she couldn’t earn it. To keep her talent alive she struggled to work as a stay at home mother and started hobby classes at home. But she was forced to stop that too. To maintain peace she sacrificed. But there was one thing she didn’t give up. Her love for writing. In her spare time, she used to write poems and stories. Also, she used to send her poems to different magazines without revealing her true identity. A few of them got published and raised her moral.

But then one day by some reliable sources she came to know about her husband’s extra-marital affairs. When she inquired her husband, he accepted the accusations shamelessly asking her to leave the house.

Indu realized she was living a fake life. She was hurt. She wanted to leave the house, but she stayed for the sake of her children. They were at the peak of their careers and the news their father’s affair and separation could spoil their careers.  Also,  she had nowhere to go and no money to survive.

But then one day she met an accident and went into a coma. She came out of a coma after 20-25 days.

“Laid on the hospital bed with multiple fractures I realized how desperately I wanted to live and achieve something. What if my husband doesn’t love me. I have 2 wonderful kids and I love myself. Both the reasons are enough to live happily”, says Indu.

For a few more years she bore betrayal of her husband and waited for the right time. Meanwhile, she joined Amway and worked diligently to build her career.

When both her children completed their graduation and got the job, she decided to live for herself and announced her separation. Relatives said “what’s the point of getting separated at age of 50. She should live the rest of her life the way she has lived till now”.

But she was adamant. ‘ Life hasn’t ended. If I have lived in the dirt so far doesn’t mean I should spend the rest of my life in the dirt.’ She replied. She fought for her share in the property and got a part of the house to live. Also, her husband was to give her 15k per month. But Indu wanted to make an identity. She joined VLCC institute and did diploma in diet and nutrition at an age of 55 years.

“ In the class, I was asked why I want to study at age of 55 and I use to answer my books don’t know what is my age and they never ask me why I study them.” Says Indu.

Finally, she completed her diploma and worked as a dietician. But life had one more pebble to throw at her and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Time stopped when I came to know that I had breast cancer. But I didn’t want to give up. I fought. I went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I paid attention to my diet. I won. Cancer left me. And now it was time to live one of my dreams and that was to publish my poems in my name”, says Indu.

She completed her book “ki Shaam thal ayi hai ” Mahi” which will be launched in the coming month of may.  Also, Indu is working actively to aware women about breast cancer.

Indu Gupta has proved that age cannot bind your flight to your aspirations. She is a genuine inspiration for those who get scattered by pebbles thrown by life and intends that their spirit has ultimately ceased.

“Life is a beautiful gift of divinity. We get only one life so love yourself and exist for yourself. Time may not be appropriate for you, but that’s not the end. Until a single breath is given, keep chasing your dreams. Understand your worth. Respect yourself and await the breeze to flow your direction. Fight for yourself and become achievers in your own eyes. This is what being successful means”, says Indu Gupta.

We hope that Indu Gupta’s story will make you appreciate your life and animate you to collect small reasons to be glad.

‘The complete women’ wishes Indu Gupta long and sound life.

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