A Letter to my Dad

Dear Dad,

Maa told me about the time when I first clutched your finger with mine; and then came the first time you shed your tears of joy!

Maa also shared some incidents of my childhood. How innocently you used to ask her, “When will she talk to me”? “When will she play with me”?And when I started to crawl, your happiness knew no bounds!!

Seasons changed, and all my “badmashis” reached the peak, but you still protected me from everyone in the house! We became the duo that did all the cool stuff together. Be it stupid photographs in fake mustaches, weird clothing style or even chasing a Frog when in poured. It was like the colors of those moments had cast a rainbow in the monotonous sky.

Remember how afraid you were when I started school Daddy? Even those few hours of being apart seemed like a task. Soon I showed traits of the creativity that you poured into me. I can never forget those drawing sessions and fancy dress competitions. The amazing thing was that you always chose some of the weirdest characters to dress me up. Those practice sessions with you for every dialogue boosted my confidence so much!. But you never come to watch any of my performances, that hurt me so bad. Why daddy?
I always complained to Maa. Little did I know that you were always there, but hidden. I misunderstood you daddy. All you wanted to do was to save me from nervousness after seeing you in the pressure to perform. And that strong feeling was what won me so many trophies, each of which made you prouder of me! I am so lucky, that I have the coolest Dad ever!

You remember when Maa used to teach me all the household chores? You were always there to help me escape from that web. You let me be ME. Even though Maa was right about making me responsible. You always gave me the wings to fly in my own sky at the cost of “papa ne bigada hai”!! You gave me the strength to have my own voice and opinions. [Here you are smiling bhaibandh]
I grew up and started high school.

Boards, friends and along with that our bonding grew stronger! I can’t explain how my eyes sparkled at your sight at the school gate, “Hey, I am going, my dad’s here”!! I can’t explain how I wanted to go to school the next day, only to see you waiting to pick me up the next day again! I was on cloud nine when I won the garba competition, and you hurriedly came through the crowd and hugged me with tears in your eyes. That was the best moment of my life! [Don’t be emotional dad]

I grew up and started my college.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Hostel, fast food, pop music style life. The stuff that kesha sings about. It’s like life has changed its hair color. I am learning through responsibilities and growing with my accolades. Discovering myself. Experimenting with my life and living to the fullest. This is the spring of my forever 21!

But I  became so busy living my life, that sometimes I failed to keep up that spark in our communications. You used to call me your “bhaibandh” (means buddy). And then we grew apart. The generation gap set in, and I began to believe that you don’t understand me anymore. How could I ever forget that you are the only one who can read my voice from miles apart? I quarrel with you about your overprotective nature. But never noticed your love behind it. I got so busy that I stopped noticing your small gestures of love and sacrifice. Your sudden surprises with gifts and snacks to my hostel is one of your sweetest gestures. The way you smile proudly when you hear me achieve something and then brag about me in the family that I am her father is absolute bliss! But with the growing misunderstandings, I am afraid of losing my best buddy! But for the wonderful person that you are, you never said anything. As if the garden is dried out. It began annoying me when you scold me about taking care of myself, until today, when I was hit with the realisation that there is no love greater than your unconditional love. Even I plagued you with the overprotective, over caring and over loving nature. Your love has made me cry, daddy

I know you have always been there for me at countless moments. You have always supported me. And when my world is inside out, I know that I can lean on your shoulder without a doubt.

I promise you dad, that even when things get rough, I will never be busy for my bhaibandh. I want idolise you, and I hope I can be half as you. As hard as I know that is, I shall try my best to have the big heart that you have. I also vow to protect our friendship at the cost of everything. And dad today wanted to say sorry for all my childish and immature behaviour! I guess, this what we call growing up! [am not ;p]

I love you so much. I miss you dad. You are my only hero and my bhaibandh. It is indeed a privilege that I am our daughter, and while I have actually ‘grown up’ I wish to thank you before I begin my next phase in life! If I ever dare to grow apart again, you have complete right to drag me closer to you!

From your,
Best friend and then daughter.

P.S All the youngsters out there. Don’t forget that with you, your parents are also growing. They are the only people who are real, and the only ones who mean everything they say! Never ever hurt them. They will love you no matter whatever happens, thus bond into a dwelling relationship of trust and honesty. Peers shall come and go, these are the people who stay! While I realised it in time, many other should too! Take care of them.




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