7 Habits to Develop of Stylish Individuals

Have you ever found yourself wondering – “How does that XYZ person look impeccable all the time?” “What makes them so Classy?” “What’s that thing you’ve got missing in you?” “Do brands make a person look Chic?” “What are the fashion rules that you must follow?” “Which magazine/channel/individual can teach them to me?”

If these questions leave you brooding most times, there’s one thing you need to know:

Some individuals are born with a great sense of STYLE but few aren’t. Heck! So what? Style is a Skill like swimming, dancing or singing which can be acquired by “Anybody who wishes to acquire it.” To be very honest, I too, belong to the latter category, but who can guess so?

To reach that goal one needs to religiously practice the following pointers till they convert into a habit. Once they’re habit, you yourself will feel stylish about yourself and you’ll notice that when gradually others start noticing & following you. J

  1. Being “Well-Dressed” is an everyday thing:

Whether it’s a day at home, grocery shopping, stroll in the garden, casual Friday at work, movie with friends, family outing, brunch with colleagues or movie premier night – these Individuals always look put together. Let me tell you, it requires a great amount of effort and motivation to get out of the “Ah! I’m just going to a random grocery store” mode and get into something refined.
You can wander around in your pajama pants all day or do the same in a maxi dress, the decision is yours. It’s a truly consistent habit to stick to.

  1. Outfits are planned well in advance:

We all know Clothes Communicate! They know the importance of it. They also know mornings are “hectic” which may not the right time to spend 20 minutes in front of a closet wondering what to wear! So every night before heading off to sleep, they go to the closet and try out new combinations and plan clothes that suit their days purpose. Meetings, presentations, client meetings or wedding, surprise party or brunch with friends, lunch with family or dinner date – their outfit including accessories, shoes, handbag it’s all ready.

  1. Style Inspiration is borrowed most times

Great styling is creativity at its best. Creativity of any form is usually borrowed & maneuvered as per one’s own taste. Advertising, art, fashion, jewelry – takes inspiration from earlier work in their respective fields and alter it as per current trend/taste. For style Inspiration there are ‘n’ numbers of fashion/lifestyle bloggers from all over the world available on Instagram, Pinterest, Wooplr & Tumblr to learn from. Stylish Individuals do not hesitate to make use of inspiration from others – they follow people they enjoy looking at, think of their wardrobe and incorporate it with elegance on their own self.


  1. Labels/Brands aren’t the end of the world

“Clothes, only from big brands can make one look Chic!” is a myth.  We often see celebrities wearing branded dresses in magazines/television which allures us to buy it. Something most people don’t know is – brands, often send their stuff to celebs to flaunt; hence fascinate us. It’s great to own a high fashion piece, but may be, not at the price you have to pay. Stylish Individuals know how to carry off Bandra accessories with a Branded dress. They just know how to mix high & low fashion. Here’s what I do – Often my classic pieces (LBD, White formal Shirt, Linen Kurta) are from brands, while accessories, handbags, trendy pieces (neon scarf, monkey print pajama, bow dress) are from random/non-branded stores. Works out more economical!

  1. Fashion Rules are meant to be broken

This one’s my personal favorite.
Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion designer born in 1930’s quoted “Fashion fades, Style is Eternal.”
Fashion/Trends thrive from old times, but importantly back then too, people realized that Fashion Rules were meant to be broken and meant to be bent, twisted into style of your own which is now popularly known as “Personal Style.”  In today’s time as well, fashion magazine and different people will come up with “Fashion Rules” but I feel if we don’t modify those rules as per our personal taste & try new combinations what’s the fun?

  1. Keep Signature Back up always ready!

Personal Style is something that you can carry off any time of the day, week, month or year. That’s called a Signature style of an individual. There are days when we have surprise plans or no spare time to plan, on those days these individuals always have “this signature style” ready as a backup. Be it a kurta + Palazzo, Jeans + Tee + Scarf, all whites, all blacks or a particular color in their cluster.

  1. Realize Importance of Grooming:

These Individuals are stylish because they practice the above 6 habits and lastly they realize importance of Self-Grooming on an “everyday basis.” Most times self-grooming is solely related to hygiene but it’s much more than that. Food habits, water intake, hair-care, skin-care, teeth care, nail-care, body-care – they pay regular attention to each of these things which creates an overall effect on their appearance.
As a teen, I was never elegant or had a sense of style in me, honestly with time I observed other people whom I would admire & at the same time I underwent Masters in Image Consulting which transformed my  life and now I assist others to feel great about themselves J


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