7 Essential tips for smart shopping!

“I have nothing to wear for this occasion” or “I’m tired of repeating my clothes”– do these lines sound familiar to you? Every morning, while you stand right in front of your closet deciding what to wear calls for a struggle?

Let me tell you the reason for your struggle isn’t less number of garments or overflowing clothes in your closet. Because when one has less of anything, complex takes over “I have nothing to decide from” & when one has too much confusion takes over “How do I choose from so many?” The thing is shopping taken very lightly rather it is considered as a fun activity with friends or their loved one. Some people just shop for the heck of it & say, “Shopping makes me happy and I’m just giving myself retail therapy.” So the cause of your havoc is that you aren’t taking shopping seriously!

What many do not realize, by doing so, they’re just creating a dumping ground of their closet.  Most individuals, who want to make a great first impression, appear influential in personal, social and professional and put in best of efforts every morning. But rarely does anyone put in any hard work at the right place for acquiring and planning the clothes they should buy.

It is recommended that first shopping experience should be done with a trained Image Consultant who will get you familiar with tips and tricks to follow to build the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle, personal style, body shape, personal color & will show you how to create clusters (small group of clothes that can be mixed and matched well) to create numerous looks  never to feel “falling short of clothes.”
Here are few essentials to keep in mind before next time you spend your hard earned money!

  1. Prepare a list:

Always go with a list which comprises of items that you need to buy so that you don’t pick up random garments. Spontaneous random buying could be just waste of money most times. Remember the times when you absolutely adore the garment in the fitting room but never worn it after that? This is a common situation faced by most. The thing is the garment still looks great but doesn’t match your lifestyle. A list will also help you be on track so that you don’t waste time pondering in each store.

  1. Try shopping alone:

Shop alone without any distraction so that you can evaluate the clothes before buying.  Taking along a friend or a family member is not a great option, firstly because they might be interested in their own shopping (which can be a continuous interruption in your thinking) and secondly their personal style may not match with yours and if so, you’ll end up purchasing clothes of their choice not yours. On the other hand, a personal shopper/image consultant/ friend who can devote all the time to you & can understand you/your style can be a great asset as well.

  1. Shop at odd hours:

Morning to late afternoon is the best time to shop; the crowd is minimum at the time. During sales, I prefer a weekday but in the non-sale time I like to take my chance on a weekend as most brands have discounts/promotional offers going on. If you stay or work around a mall (or any other place from where you usually shop) then plan a list, plan your day in such a way that you can shop for good 3-4 hours and get back to work.

  1. Dress comfortably but attractively:

First things first, never wear heels they’re never comfortable to walk for long hours. Avoid the day you feel messed up/ having a bad hair day because you’ll dislike anything you wear.  Also keep away from wearing uncomfortable/tight clothes – that will distract you.
Dress comfortably & attractively into something that is easy to slip on and off (so totally refrain from wearing shrugs/cardigans/jackets/shawls or something with many zips/buttons/hooks/buckles). You can simply try on a skirt or leggings and a t-shirt. Also, wear lingerie that supports your body shape to get the best silhouette.

  1. Carry a nice shoulder bag:

Do not carry any unnecessary item. Do carry a medium size shoulder bag to have the vitals fit in – garments & jewelry for mix and match, hosiery if you looking for dresses, lingerie for specific outfits. If unable to carry the garment do carry its swatch for the color. Though it is always better to have the real thing than to imagine what it may look like. Also, a spacious bag could fit in things you’ve shopped rather than keeping it handy (as submitting and withdrawing at the counter while shopping can be time consuming).

  1. Build relation with sales person:

Get acquainted with and befriend the sales person, they can be quite helpful to inform you about the incoming merchandise and upcoming sales. Once acquainted with you, they will willingly offer favors of keeping pieces aside, especially the ones meeting your needs. But at the same time do not get intimidated by them. Their goal is to sell the product but yours is to buy the right one.

  1. Never shop out of anxiety:

Shop when you are in the mood and energetic, allow yourself enough time instead of making any hasty decision. Allow at least 2-3 hours of serious shopping. Shopping when anxious, tired, bored will reap nothing out of the excursion. Especially when depressed one should never shop for expensive items because more expensive the items, more should be taken to consider. If you hate shopping then easiest way is to hire someone to shop for you or schedule once a month tour.



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