7 Ways To Make Stronger Relationship With Your Spouse

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.  It is important to treat your spouse the way you would like to be treated in similar circumstances. Take responsibility of your part in the relationship.

1. Consistent and regular communication (verbal and non verbal)

The basic fabric of any relation is friendship. Establishing healthy communication is the first way to understand your spouse better.

Communication is a two way process and both listening and expressing are equally important. Communication style is extremely important.

  • If you do not understand something your spouse said, is doing or is going through, communicate it to him/ her.
  • Convey if you do not like certain things instead of harbouring resentment that erodes your relationship.
  • Share your thoughts, apprehensions, expectations with your spouse.
  • Don’t make comparisons. Keep physical or verbal aggression out of your relationship.
  • Think before you speak
  • Use appropriate words and keep it civil. Talk about issues like mature adults.
  • It is imperative to listen.

As you learn to communicate with an open heart you strengthen your bond. A good friendship is when one feels safe in talking to each other. Attempt to sort out differences at the earliest.

2. Put yourself in your spouse’s shoes.

Try to see life through your spouse’s eyes, which leads to the subsequent steps. Allow your partner to voice his/her fears, and support his/her in their efforts to face difficult situations.

 3. Work towards improving your relationship.
  • Mutual respect : Self-esteem is essential to feel secure and satisfied with yourself, hence respect for your partner is a necessary constituent in a lasting relationship.
  • Honesty and Transparency.
  • Intimacy is a critical component : Both physical and emotional aspect has to be nurtured.
  • Be gentle, supportive and caring.
  • Do not take your spouse for granted.
  • We try to be polite and kind with others, whereas lack these basic aspects with our spouses. Often we treat our spouses in ways that we would never treat others.
  • Balance between togetherness and giving space to each other.
4. Practice patience and forgiveness.

It is normal not to agree on everything. Approach issues from a space of understanding and calm. No marriage is free of conflict and how we handle it is what gives quality to our marriage.

  • Use humour and laughter to keep things in perspective.
  • Have fun together and share ideas.
5. Be responsible in your relationship towards each other.

Dependability and reliability is an important facet for a good marriage.  Be mindful of your spouse’s needs and extend yourself when required. We all like to feel special, that we are worth some extra effort and care

6. We all change with the time.

Personalities change, bodies change and romantic love wanes….accept the change.

  • Look for the positive in your partner, appreciate and encourage.
  • Be partners in decision making process.
  • Admit your mistakes, do not to repeat them and move on. Do not keep digging the past.
  • Work on changing yourself and stop attempting to change the other.
7. Accept that men and women are different
  • Understand that there are biological differences.
  • Men and women think differently.
  • Women use both sides of the brain to respond to emotional experiences while men use just one.
  • Women retain stronger memories for emotional events than men.
  • Men are easier to sexually arouse than women and are more motivated by sex than women. Orgasms affect both differently.

We all want to be respected, loved, cared and understood irrespective of the gender. Spouse could act in consideration of the other’s needs and to compromise whenever possible. As men try to understand and appreciate that which is feminine, they arrive to a deeper understanding of their self. When a woman seeks to understand that which is masculine in men, she learns to appreciate and recognize her masculine aspect.

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Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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