5 Healthy Pumpkin Bread Recipes

Most people have an opinion that pumpkin is just a tasteless vegetable. But the fact is that

pumpkin is very good for health. It is a rich source of potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins. It

contains beta-carotene which is powerful antioxidants. It is very helpful to lower blood

pressure, increase immunity, improves eye health, and lowers cholesterol. People do not like to

consume it in simple cooked form, so bread made by mixing pumpkin puree makes it easy to

consume and nourish body with the goodness of pumpkin. Here are some delicious and easy

making pumpkin bread recipes.

Pumpkin bread loaf and buns     exps3299_CX0594C49B

One can prepare pumpkin bread and buns at home. Simple method of bread baking is applied;

only pumpkin puree, cinnamon, sesame seeds, and walnuts can be added for enhancing taste.

Bread of these types is multipurpose as they can be used for salty as well as sweet dishes.


Sandwiches recipe-249.700x525

Sandwiches made out of pumpkin bread turn out into a tasty, heavy, and filling snack. Sour

cream and peanut butter layering goes very well. Fillings of grilled chicken, and lettuce leaves

are a good combination. Cinnamon powder can also be sprinkled. Vegetables with mild taste

are suggested as it complements with the taste of pumpkin. Onion and garlic must be avoided.

Capsicum, cabbage, and beans filling will make tasty and crunchy sandwiches.

Pumpkin bread pudding 143805lrg

This dish is very healthy as well as easy to make. Pudding is a low calorie dish and has goodness

of egg and milk. Honey or fig puree can be added to make it low sweetened. Dry fruit can be

added to the pudding. Pumpkin sliced, softly cooked and glazed with sugar can be placed as

topping which will give this dish an attractive look.


Pancakes are loved by all age categories. Pumpkin bread pancakes can be prepared with no fuss

and in very less time. For this recipe pumpkin bread is soaked in milk for half an hour. Mixture is

then blended and a smooth consistency paste will be ready. Egg, sugar, or honey can be added.

Now with this batter pancakes can be made on a pan over low flame. Chocolate sauce can be

spread with pineapple cream and strawberries can be used as garnishing.

Pin wheel rolls pinwheel_smqh5n

Pin wheel rolls are a delicious and mouthwatering dish which can be made out of pumpkin

bread. Jam or marmalade can be used to make rolls. Strawberry or guava crush can also be


Have delicious recipes prepared very fast.

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